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Beautiful new statue of Our Lady Queen of Peace on the altar of the House of Prayer in Achill

“If only My children could realise the graces I desire to give for even a single visit to My House of Prayer.”

Our Lady Queen of Peace

Christina Gallagher, Our Lady Queen of Peace, House of Prayer Achill, Fr McGinnity, christina gallagher
Christina Gallagher received a message from Our Lady on 20th October 2007:

"I call upon My children to pray a Novena to the Most Blessed Trinity"

Our Lady Queen of Peace

Christina Gallagher, Our Lady Queen of Peace, House of Prayer Achill, Fr McGinnity
Christina Gallagher - Prayers at Our Lady Queen of Peace House of Prayer in Achill, Ireland

"This novena which is to be offered during the three hours of My Son's Victory is to be prayed at My Mother House of Prayer in Ireland and in My Chain Houses throughout the world.""
Our Lady Queen of Peace
20 Oct 2007

At the request of Our Lady and then Jesus, pilgrims gather at the House of Prayer in Achill and at all the Chain Houses of Our Lady Queen of Peace to pray the Novena in Honour of the Most Holy Trinity every Saturday, from 12 noon until 3pm "the hours of My Son's Victory.

Christina Gallagher, Our Lady Queen of Peace, House of Prayer Achill, Fr Gerard McGinnity
Pilgrims of all ages from all walks of life come to Our Lady Queen of Peace House of Prayer Achill to answer Her call. "Come to My House and pray".

Christina Gallagher, Our Lady Queen of Peace, House of Prayer Achill, Fr Gerard McGinnity

"I call upon My children to pray a Novena to the Most Blessed Trinity""
Our Lady Queen of Peace
20 Oct 2007

Risen Lord as seen by Christina Gallagher House of Prayer Achill Spiritual Director Gerard McGinnity
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May 2016
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Our Lady Queen of Peace
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Christina Gallagher

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christina gallagher

of graces received
matrix medal, christina gallagher, our lady queen of peace achill
Matrix Medal Remarkable Testimonies 2014
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christina gallagher

Protection of homes in Moore Okla. Tornado 2013
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Conversion of young Dublin man after visiting the House of Prayer Achill 2012
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Suicide Survivor's Testimony at Special Day of Prayer for Victims of Suicide 2014
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to Attacks on Christina and her Mission through Media Falsity

House of Prayer is faithful to Church
Martina Caffrey rebuts media sensational calls for House of Prayer and Christina Gallagher's ex-communication
29 Nov 2014

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16 Nov 2014
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Sunday World Reporters sent packing by pilgrims and Dublin Airport Police
Statement of 2nd Nov 2014
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no prosecution against House of Prayer Achill
Horrendous Lies against Christina to be probed by Solicitors
Supt Patrick Doyle, head of the Westport Garda District, confirmed that the DPP has decided that legal proceed-ings should not be initiated against Christina Gallagher
Statement of Sept 2014
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Vindictive Attack by the Sunday World is REVEALED for what it is
March 2014
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26th Nov 2013

The People Respond to the Stalking of Christina Gallagher
12 Nov 2013
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House of Prayer AchillResponse to The TV3 Midweek programme
26th Sep 2011

The rapid spread of the deadly CORONAVIRUS from China and the terrifying devastation by swarms of LOCUSTS across East Africa are alerting many people to yet more of the messages given years ago by Jesus and Our Blessed Mother to Christina Gallagher for the world.

In the message of July 16, 2002 (see The Cross Uncovered p.260) Our Blessed Lady warned, "Diseases will fall upon many; plagues will devour many."

Again, on January 26, 2013 (see The Cross Uncovered p.343) Jesus said, “The world will endure many diseases and plagues- diseases that will be man-made.” As far back as February 22, 2005 (see The Cross Uncovered p.278) Our Lady made Christina aware that “there will be an epidemic throughout the world with a germ which is bred through AIDS. Many innocent people will catch it and die. There will be a virus-type plague which will kill many people through- out the world.”

From the first moment the Coronavirus was announced, Christina was aware that this is the virus Our Lady spoke of. Medical scientists and analysts have now discovered a link between The Coronavirus and Aids.

In His message given in October 2012 (see The Cross Uncovered p.333) Jesus said, “My people, hear and respond as I have called you, for even worse turmoil is on its way. The locusts will come and devour you while you are spiritually asleep.”

On March 29, 2009 (see The Cross Uncovered p.309) Our Blessed Lady had said, “Locusts such as have never been seen before will form a plague; it will seem as if they themselves have an evil intent, almost as if they have an awareness that they are to wreak destruction…"

Nearly ten million people in the affected region of East Africa already face dire food shortages owing to floods and drought. A humanitarian crisis now looms there in the face of unprecedented numbers of voracious locusts. Not only have the countries of Ethiopia, Somalia, and Kenya been infested but South Sudan and Uganda are facing similar invasion.

-------------------------- 13th February 2020 -------------------

Message from Jesus to Christina - October 1, 2019
Jesus said,
"I want to relate to My people of New York that they have no idea of the dense darkness of sin that surrounds them and through it the danger that will fall on the island of New York.
I desire to protect you but you fail to hear My words.
There are hearts that are open to put in place the request for a House of Prayer of Reparation. The meaning of the House of Prayer of Reparation is for you to make atonements to My Father through Me.
My people, why are you always finding fault with the little ones I choose in the Little Way guided in My Sacred Heart?
I will not call you forth to fulfil this request again but if you fail be prepared for the wrath of My Hand to crush the most revolting depths of the workings of satan in your island.
You have only yourselves to blame.
Listen to My little one and My dear brother Gerard who has observed My little one throughout all those years in both her endurance and in his own. They are faithful to the mission to help you but rather than their finding ears and hearts open to listen, they hear criticism.
Woe to you who live in the seduction of sin for New York is like the pit of hell served and serviced by its people to do the will of satan. Woe to you who are so foolish. Repent now while you have time.
Fulfill My call.
Pray for President Trump for his service to Me for his people is good but the man of perdition wants to portray him as a man of stupidity and darkness. I tell you, read the signs of your times. He upholds openly My commandments at a time when My Church is plundered.
I bless you, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


My little one, in your island of Ireland how they test My Hand. They are so full of greed and completely blind to the Word of God. I call them but My words fall on desolate soil. They are asleep.
My poor little one, how hard you both have tried to awaken them with the truth of what I have revealed to you. My people, why do you still seek what is not fruitful and test the little ones of Truth that have been upheld by the miraculous events that can only come from My Sacred Heart?
How foolish you people of the island of Ireland have become! You want witness for everything from those who do not serve Me... your heart is more with them than with Me and with Truth.
Your island will be stripped, drawing it back to the desolation it endured at the time of Knock with cries of hunger-pangs that will draw it back to Me.
Why, O why, you faithless people, have you drawn this upon yourselves?
You have become godless and shameless before Me.
Reparation must be, for Me to offer to My Father by the woundedness that comes through in the union of My Mystical Body. O you priests that unite in My Priesthood, turn away from darkness! Be ashamed of its fumes and unite with Me who is Truth and Life, otherwise you will be caught in the snarling call of the antiChrist. I desire My Life to live in all souls and My redemptive love to be life for all. Do not reject Me - unite in Life and Light and be witnesses to the Truth. I bless you, Father, Son and Holy Spirit."

October 4, 2019
At the end of Holy Mass, Jesus appeared and spoke to Christina;
"...There is so much destruction to befall the world and the man of evil will multiply to devour the man of righteousness. Priests, how you shame Me and how fast you run to embrace all that is not of Me!
You permit all to be plundered.
You have no courage and no conviction because you did not believe in Truth and now you have no courage to live Truth in My Priesthood.
I will say to them 'How you failed to feed My lambs and called them to wander into the darkness to be devoured'.
The antiChrist is very active fumigating the earth, driving it into darkness, into the seduction of satan.

The blood of martyrs is liquefying as they look on and see that the world has turned light into darkness but I am, and will be Light forever."
(As Jeus spoke these words, Christina was shown a redness of color become clear, liquid,, fresh blood.)

"The great loss will be souls and that grieves My Heart.
A great multitude of souls will be lost for they do not know Truth.
The martyrs cry out to Me to bring forth the day of purification.
The time of My coming will find but few with Life of Me in them. How the clouds will become darkened for the eyes of humanity to see but it will be too late for many. Woe to those who have allowed the density of darkness to reach heaven.

I bless you..."

Message received by Christina for 16 and 25 July 2019

Jesus spoke to Christina;
"Christina, My little one, I desire that you write and relate what I tell you to the people of the world.

People of the world, I have called you to protection and guidance in Truth and Mercy for many years. I called you through the Immaculate Heart of My Mother also and She has pleaded with Me for Mercy for you, but to no avail.
You are being seduced by the devil and throughout the world he is hailed high, raising all of his evil desires into your hearts.
My Mercy is coming to a close as you no longer ask for or want My Mercy. My Hand descends upon the world of sin and darkness through evil being fulfilled in so many hearts: you reject Truth and Life, love does not exist in your hearts, your hearts are closed to Truth and Life in Me, your Lord God.
What you experience regarding the weather changes is not climate change and scientists will explain away much as My Hand descends upon your world. So many have become the godless man and unto him will be given his just reward.

My Church has all but abandoned Me, My sacraments are withdrawn more and more, truth is denied to My people but woe to the man who has done such wrongs - better he was never born.

For those of you who have come here today out of curiosity, you will not be aware of the enormity of evil that surrounds you, waiting to seduce you at every moment. The only way you will have wisdom to understand is to pray, receive the sacraments, unburden yourself of sin and ask forgiveness from Me. Desire to be covered by My Light and filled with My Life. Live in and by Truth. Only in that way can you be protected. Cast fear from you.

How so many of you have cast such sufferings upon My little one! You have believed the deceiver in his lies about her and from one to another you kept finding a greater deception to draw upon her. But to you I say how wicked you have become! You could only receive such wickedness from the devil and it is to him you surrender your life. I tell you, wake up because your earthly life has but limited time for you to make amends to Me.
My people, pray for wisdom because you do not understand Truth. You have been led away from Truth by many of those who are meant to preach it.
Trust in Me. You will see many dangers and horrible disasters come to your world - all of which you have drawn upon yourselves through sin as My Hand approaches the earth.
Turn away from sin. Live the Ten Commandments of your God and Saviour."

After a brief pause, Jesus added,
"How My Heart sorrows for the many in the world who lack Truth in their hearts. How My Heart grieves to see the innocence of My little children being destroyed and the young being deceived through false teaching about their identity and sexuality. How My Heart is pierced at the spread of abortion, the devil's weapon against life. How My Mother's words to you are daily being fulfilled as so many youth, through lack of prayer and loss of faith wander in confusion, are destroyed by drugs and succumb to suicide.

How your leaders allow greater powers to dictate to them, to take over and lead your countries but only to destroy them. There is corruption everywhere, the world is led by and through corruption. The world is now entering the peak, the cusp of its own corruption.

Later Jesus spoke to Christina as follows;
"My little one, I desire you listen to what I tell you. There is much change coming to your world. It is about to experience the depth of its sin and drink of its wounds brought about by sin. The world has disowned Me, its Creator and Redeemer. How I have called and pleaded with you to listen and turn away from sin. There are many leaders of the world who exercise their power according to him who is darkness and they are drawing destruction upon the world while the people of the world remain blind to this and doubt the truth that I call you to. My people, how can you be so foolish? I call you to see and recognise the depth of sin the world has drawn down upon itself. The elements reject the depths of this darkness. The earth vomits from its bowels as it rebukes humanity’s sin and depraved behaviour and to hear man of perdition say, 'God would not do this to us!'. No, you do it by your own destructive deeds. Hatred is in every heart, jealousy grows, greed knows no bounds as the flesh craves for more of its fulfilment, not of Life, Light or Truth but rather of the flesh- from the world's fruits. The destructive angels of darkness are everywhere. I look upon the Immaculate Heart of My Mother as She pleads for you, for mercy but the time of mercy is drawing to a close. It seems you no longer need mercy.

The continent of America will have much to endure for its denial of Me. War is fast approaching its shores.
(As Jesus subsequently showed Christina what is coming to America, He added "War that is nuclear, diseases, earthquakes…and also to other parts of the world")

O you foolish man! So many godless and full of pride. Soon I will shepherd My flock Myself!
He who has drawn souls away from My Mother’s House, him I will disown for his pride and deception have led him far from Me. To him, as he has drawn many from Me in the weakness of his flesh and filled with pride, I say ‘Woe unto you. You are like the one who returned without any talents'.
My little one, how you have borne the scars of the deception that travelled throughout the world but the lies and deception spread about you is like a sweet incense before Me.
Be not afraid of those who seem great in the world. Your surrender to Me -its greatness will last forever.

I bless you in My Father, I Jesus His Son and the Holy Spirit.

Message received by Christina on April 25, 2019
"My daughter, I call you to write. I call you through Jesus My Son for We are one. I have called you, My daughter, My little one. You are chosen to be the messenger of truth. I desire you relay truth to My people throughout the world. Many bear not truth but lies and deception that fill many hearts. In that way they permit truth in them to be destroyed. Give this message to all My people of truth who bear life in Jesus My Son.

My people, hear now, I call you. I am He who is and will be forever. Hear Me, your Lord God. The deceiver is robbing many souls and seducing them into the cesspool of death. My shepherds - how they grieve Me! They have allowed the flock to be scattered and so many of them have become lost in the darkness of him who desires their souls. Woe unto the man who opens his life to become one in darkness.

Remember the parable Jesus tells about the talents.*
I, your Lord God must prepare you who have ears to hear and eyes to see. Do not be still, let truth flow from you: Life in Jesus demands it of you. Time is becoming short before the world will witness a darkness and suppression from a power beyond the world, a power of antiChrist. He has deceived many people, soon he will deceive most people, even the elect. There is great unrest, unrest the world cannot see, Agreements have been made and papers signed for the final destruction of the world. The final battle of the deceiver draws close and so many people merry in sin of the darkest kind. There is no repentance because they have become one in and with death. To many there is no way to return. (Such souls are permanently lost because in their freedom they do not desire the Mercy of God).

My messenger of truth, I have drawn from you much. I have heard you cry out to Me. Be still as I bless you for all your endurance for the souls I thirst for - but in vain for many. Many have made their choice for death. So many will not serve truth or life but they embrace death through the seduction of the devil, the flesh and the world. Time draws close for the deceiver to wield his power over the world. So, so many will be caught in his power as way is made for antiChrist, yes anti of Me and of life. …....
(A most serious message regarding the Catholic Church was given here. It is on record and will be made available when appropriate.)

The deceiver wields only death. Look around you, see his power of falsity. It is everywhere, darkness and sin excused as righteous. The deceiver says, 'Partake. See, it's good!' Look around you. There you can see it.

My people, so few want to know Me. They welcome into their heart, life and soul - death. It is their free will. Speak of the man in the Gospel parable who has a need to go back and bury his dead because there are many turning to bury their already dead: mankind has become one in darkness and refuses to put their hand to the plough and to remain steadfast. They could receive wisdom from Me in goodness but in their free will they choose everything of the world and the flesh and refuse Life of Me through Jesus My Son.

My call has become a mockery. It is easy for the man of perdition to unite with the devil in lies to destroy and block truth. Such a man I do not know because he welcomes falsity but falsity will not save him as he nears Hades. There his suffering will start.

My people, open your hearts to truth as your time draws close to your choice of life or death.

There are plans in place for all I have given you.

The one-world government is with you, its dictatorship will lead only to your suppression, destruction and death eternal.

The one-world bank, can you not see its development to suppress your worldly goods, which will lead to hunger cries everywhere and result in diseases afflicting the bodies of all and the people with no wisdom where to turn. My messenger of truth, you will be one of a very small number who will have that knowledge - if they permit your life to continue.

And the one-world church will yield its freedom into the hands of him who will destroy through what will be the mark of the beast. How so many will run freely for it with hearts full of joy, in boastfulness. I tell you the time draws close to its fulfilment.

World war 3, it is in its readiness.

I bless you, my messenger of truth, through the Sacred Heart of My Son Jesus in union in the Holy Ghost. Amen. Amen."

*The Parable of the Talents referred to by the Lord in His message:
"For it is as if a man, going on a journey, summoned his slaves and entrusted his property to them; to one he gave five talents, to another two, to another one, to each according to his ability. Then he went away. The one who had received the five talents went off at once and traded with them, and made five more talents. In the same way, the one who had the two talents made two more talents. But the one who had received the one talent went off and dug a hole in the ground and hid his master's money. After a long time the master of those slaves came and settled accounts with them. Then the one who had received the five talents came forward, bringing five more talents, saying, "Master, you handed over to me five talents; see, I have made five more talents." His master said to him, "Well done, good and trustworthy slave; you have been trustworthy in a few things, I will put you in charge of many things; enter into the joy of your master." And the one with the two talents also came forward, saying, "Master, you handed over to me two talents; see, I have made two more talents." His master said to him, "Well done, good and trustworthy slave; you have been trustworthy in a few things, I will put you in charge of many things; enter into the joy of your master." Then the one who had received the one talent also came forward, saying, "Master, I knew that you were a harsh man, reaping where you did not sow, and gathering where you did not scatter seed; so I was afraid, and I went and hid your talent in the ground. Here you have what is yours." But his master replied, "You wicked and lazy slave! You knew, did you, that I reap where I did not sow, and gather where I did not scatter? Then you ought to have invested my money with bankers, and on my return I would have received what was my own with interest. So take the talent from him, and give it to the one with the ten talents. For to all those who have, more will be given, and they will have an abundance; but from those who have nothing, even what they will have will be taken away. As for this worthless slave, throw him into the outer darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth."

(When asked how the parable of the talents relates to this message, Christina explained the understanding which was given to her, as follows. She said that God expects all those who have received His gifts of conversion and healing through this mission of Our Lady Queen of Peace to proclaim the truth of what was given them. In this way they do not hide the talents but use them to give glory to God and thus draw others to hear the truth of His call through Our Lady’s message. How many medically upheld miraculous healings as well as spiritual conversions have been hidden, unacknowledged or no longer proclaimed! Clearly, Our Lord will call each one to account.)

There is some confusion regarding the Cardinal Pell message. It has not been taken off the website, but has been moved to the right hand column below the Online Shop, making way for the latest news of Fr McGinnity's radio interview. Please follow the 'Read more...' link for the full message which is on the House of Prayer FaceBook page where it can be shared and spread to the world as is Our Lady's desire.

"Christina Gallagher: Prophet for our Time"
Another chance to listen to the interview of Fr Gerard McGinnity, Spiritual Director of Christina Gallagher, on March 14, 2019 by Dr. Hilaire Tavenner. Interview starts at 04.29 mins on the timeline.

Listen to "Dr. T PhD (18) Christina Gallagher: Prophet for our Time" on Spreaker.

It is perplexing, to say the least, and very disappointing that at the slightest mention by another visionary of 'a third world war', some who profess to have been following Heaven's Message to Christina become suddenly quite excited. This is perplexing for the reason that details of the third world war go back so far and have been referenced so frequently in Our Lady's messages to Christina. As early as 1993 (25 years ago now) Our Lady spoke to Christina about the third world war. Christina published this at the time in her autobiography. Our Lady explained to her that God did not desire a third world war but humanity is bringing it about and it would happen if people would not respond to the call of Heaven. It is clear throughout Her subsequent messages to Christina over all the ensuing years that people's failure to pray and respond was allowing the world to reach the brink of global warfare yet She continued to beg, through tears of blood, for Her children to open their hearts - for their own protection- but to no avail.

Our Lady made clear to Christina as far back as 1993, and as published in her autobiography, that if we hear of any kind of war breaking out which involves Russia and China and is precipitated by The United States then the most dire consequences await the world. Christina was made aware that if this occurred, America's part in it was leading the beginning of a process which others would take over and bring to further depths. Christina, from the knowledge of what has been revealed to her, is suffering greatly because people do not seem to grasp the reality and enormity of the horrors which the third world war will bring to the world. It will not involve only a few countries but all countries -it will truly be a world war.

In Her message of July 16, 2001, Our Lady returned to this theme, saying, "Short is your time before your world is drawn into conflict of war…the Third World War is in its permittance. How blood will flow and run red upon the earth. Hunger cries will be heard in the Heavens…" Again in Her message of February 21, 2003 Our Lady drew further attention to the same prophecy when She said, "…the world will witness wars leading to the great third world war; President Bush has opened the doors and they cannot be closed. My people forget that all they have is the Mercy of God and the call of their Mother…." Yet again, in a message on October 10, 2008 Our Lady remarked, "The third world war is imminent. Its destruction is unthinkable." Speaking to Christina in a message on July 29, 2010 Jesus Himself said, "…There will be war, and through the availability and use of nuclear power, the annihilation of many parts of the world and its inhabitants will be brought about….My daughter, I desire you make this known throughout the world. The world's powers are in the grasp of a great unrest and the preparation of war is now a reality, in union with the antiChrist. He is about to create a great abomination. The world as you know it will be changed and disfigured…" In His message of May10, 2015 Jesus yet again remarked, "…World War Three is already being prepared…" On separate occasions Jesus spoke in His messages of "uprisings and wars in many places, creating an unrest "which would lead to the third world war." Yet, this has already begun and we can witness it being fulfilled across the world! How blind so many are to the reality that surrounds us! It "is at our very doors" as another message puts it. So how can it be newsworthy for any person following the mission of Christina Gallagher to hear from some other visionary about the third world war? The messages received by Christina beginning as far back as 1993 regarding the closeness and the detailed nature of the third world war are, like every other prophecy she ever received, naturally being fulfilled. They are being fulfilled with the same certainty and reliability as all the other messages given her by Heaven. For example

Blinkered and Deaf?
If this came from a visionary in some other country it would be highlighted with excitement…Instead so many people appear to be blinkered and deaf. They find it easier to believe the deception that was published by the enemy to destroy Christina and Heaven's mission through her, than to see the Light of God and the work of His Hand in the miraculous healings, the abundance of good and the spiritual fruits which uphold the message.

A One-world Government
Do people realise that the one-world government is being put in place? President Donald Trump promised recently to "block the United Nations from forming a 'One-World Government'" while he was addressing the 72nd Assembly of the UN. He urged other nations to reject the push in the UN for a single globalist government. The fact that he can mention this UN plan proves that people must know it exists. Our Lady clearly told Christina almost 40 years ago that a one-world government would be put in place as part of the controls in the reign of anti-Christ. So this public disclosure about a one-world government push is another fulfilment of Our Lady's messages as given to Christina so many years ago.

A One-World Bank, One-World Currency and Cashless Society.
These prophecies given to Christina are already being upheld. The uniting of European currencies swiftly followed Our Lady's words to Christina and the one-world bank is already in place. The cashless society has been ushered in by use of the banker's card and now the card is being replaced by the imposition of a 'chip' in the body of all who take it. This chip is "the mark of the beast" as mentioned in Scripture. By taking it they hand over their body and soul to the control and disposal of the antiChrist and so are lost forever, as the Scripture makes clear.

A One-World Church
Various steps and efforts can already be seen on the world stage paving the way for a one-world church, and language is being used to draw about a one-world Church thereby fulfilling what Christina was also given and what she consistently made known in her books published over the past 30 years. She has always emphasised what she was given regarding such a so-called' church'- namely, "that it would not be of God"

IN ADDITION to the weather-change prophecies, several other striking world events given many years beforehand to Christina and announced and published by her have been exactly fulfilled, for example;

Earthquake in IRAN
As related in her autobiography, 'Out of the Ecstasy and Onto the Cross' Page 11 she was shown an earthquake three weeks before it took place in Iran, killing 5,000 people. She told her spiritual director. When it occurred and was shown on television news, Our Lady explained to Christina Gallagher that she had “been shown the calamity before it took place, not to prevent it but to prepare the souls of the people for God.”

In early 1993, one year before the horrible war in Rwanda, Christina Gallagher received an apparition ('Out of the Ecstasy and Onto the Cross', Page 11) in which she was asked by an African boy (unknown to her) named Emmanuel Segastashya, "Pray for me and my country, Burundi." - a country she had never heard of. It was only the following year when the slaughter of the war in Rwanda broke out and engulfed neighboring Burundi and among the countless victims of the massacres was Emmanuel - a visionary in Church - approved apparitions there - that the reason became clear to Christina.

On December 26, 1992 Christina Gallagher had an apparition of the war that broke out approximately two years later in Chechnya. She made known, as usual, in advance what was shown to her. ('Out of the Ecstasy and Onto the Cross', p.262).

While in New York to address a Rosary Rally at Battery Park on September 11, 1999 Christina Gallagher prophesied that the Twin Towers would be destroyed. She made the statement in the presence of a number of people including a US judge, a Canadian attorney, a radio broadcaster, and her spiritual director. One of these, Judge Dan Lynch, an American Judge, wrote an article on the matter and made it more widely public.

Tsunami in the INDIAN OCEAN
On a number of separate occasions, the first being eight years before the Indian Ocean tsunami disaster - the massive undersea earthquake which smashed into nine countries across Asia on December 26, 2004 killing approximately one quarter of a million people -Christina Gallagher was shown the exact tsunami scene taking place on a beautiful sandy beach with the wave washing in over houses and leaving corpses strewn on the beach as it swelled out again to sea. She did not have the word 'tsunami' as it was not in ordinary use then but she published what was shown her in her biography which appeared as far back as 1996.

Christina would lament and cry bitter tears on seeing these scenes in advance for she knew how Our Lady had been trying since the beginning of Her apparitions to warn the world on how to prevent such disasters. Her calls were widely ignored and even ridiculed. On CNN News and on RTE news bulletins in Ireland, December 29th and 30th scientists were quoted as saying, “All we can say is that the sea-bed shifted from its axis”. They were actually using the exact words of warning Our Blessed Mother had spoken to Christina Gallagher on July 16, 2002 (published then on the web-site) '...I tell you the world has been drawn short of its axis. It is clinging to the Hand of God to uphold it through Jesus...' Not only did the foretold happening occur but was even described afterwards by scientists in the very terms predicted by Our Lady.

Weather changes throughout THE WORLD
Long before weather patterns began to alter, Our Lady was warning us of what has now become widespread throughout the world. As far back as January 1, 1995 She declared,'...My daughter, the world is in its decline! World purification has begun. It will intensify more and more. The weather will be so changeable: heat to cold to ice: rainstorms like the world has not witnessed: hurricanes, floods, earthquakes even in unexpected countries: mudslides, disasters throughout the world will increase when the Hand of My Son covers the world...’ This message's widespread fulfillment is, of course, a matter of historical record.

Collapse of the STOCK MARKET
On January 23, 2006, Christina Gallagher was told by Our Blessed Mother that the works She had desired 'should be completed at once as there will be a collapse in the stock market'. This message, given to Christina by Our Blessed Mother at the height of the economic boom in 'celtic tiger' Ireland, as it was then called, seemed incredible even to some devotees of Our Lady's message! Ireland was the economic envy of the world because of the enormous strength of the national economy and its highest-ever living standards. We were being held up as the perfect example of material prosperity and for anyone to speak or even think of economic collapse seemed absurd and ridiculous. Yet, against all the odds and despite the complacency of experts the message of Our Lady to Christina Gallagher was, as always, once again resoundingly fulfilled.

The Weather-changes
While searing 47 degree temperatures, fires and power failures afflict Australia with unprecedented and unbearably sweltering heat, the US is gripped by a polar vortex, dealing death through record low Arctic temperatures in the minus 40's and bringing life to a standstill. Newspapers headline "Apocalyptic winter weather sweeps America" and people are warned not to breathe deeply or talk outside as it could be potentially fatal in its impact on the lungs. This immediately brings to mind and perfectly fulfils yet again Our Lady's message of July 2005 to Christina, "You will experience the climate changes more and more.The changes in the seasons' behaviour have already begun, but will increase and intensify…beyond normal capacity and many other abnormal and strange happenings."
In Australia, meanwhile, one blaze created a smoke cloud so large it began creating its own lightning "incredibly dangerous" and "impossible to fight!", meteorologists said. This literally fulfils the message given by Jesus to Christina in October 2012 when He said,
"Part of My Justice is upon you now…The earth's plasma is boiling up, beyond your understanding." (When we checked this word used by Jesus we found it means a gas in the atmosphere containing an electric charge!) Could anything be more perfectly fulfilled than that?

A Well-Known Prophecy
The well-known and detailed prophecy concerning the weather changes given as far back as March 25, 1995 to Christina Gallagher is being fulfilled daily in the most dramatic and devastating ways. Early in the morning on March 25, 1995 Christina Gallagher received a message from Our Lord. In it the Lord said: "The North of America... Fire will rage."

In a Message from Our Lady to Christina Gallagher on November 3, 2006, She said, "The weather changes will escalate more and more in their behaviour, floods, drought, fires, twisters, all those are little, but there will also be earthquakes, and tsunamis. You are unprepared for it in soul or body."

In 2007 a CBS broadcast stated; "Every year you can count on forest fires in the West like hurricanes in the East, but recently there has been an enormous change in Western fires. In truth, we've never seen anything like them in recorded history. It appears we're living in a new age of mega-fires -- forest infernos ten times bigger than the fires we're used to seeing." CBS News: Age of the Mega-Fires

Fires are raging throughout the United States worse than ever before. On CBS News in 2011 the story of the Mega-Fires continues "Arizona is burning. Texas, too. New Mexico is next. If you need a grim reminder that an already arid West is burning up and blowing away, here it is. As I write this, more than 700 square miles of Arizona and more than 4,300 square miles of Texas have been swept by monster wildfires." [Extract from a Commentary by Marita Wodjak in 2011]

CLEARLY the messages of Our Lord and Our Blessed Lady are fulfilled yet again with News reports of the wildfires in California being the "Largest in the state's history". CNN News

On July 16, 2005 Our Lady said: "The purification is upon you, and few of you are prepared. I weep for your safety. You will see many upheavals in the world. You will experience the climate changes more and more. There will be many abnormal calamities, throughout the world. The changes in the season’s behaviour have already begun, but will increase and intensify, floods in many parts of the world beyond normal capacity, mud slides, typhoons, earthquakes and many many other abnormal and strange happenings."

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Christina says regarding God's call for a House of Prayer on the outskirts of New York;
I have consistently and faithfully made known to the world the message given to me over the past 30 years by Heaven. The truth of that message is clear for all to see in its fulfilment and it is additionally upheld through miraculous healings (authenticated by consultants) and conversion testimonies numbering into the 700's. World events have occurred exactly as predicted, thereby upholding the truth of what was given to me. That fulfilment speaks for itself: it is already a matter of fact. Some examples of these are; the Indian Ocean tsunami disaster which smashed into 9 countries across Asia killing a quarter of a million people on December 26, 2004 was shown to me and published by me beforehand in my autobiography, the earthquake in Iran which killed 5,000 people on their way to worship at Mecca which I could see three weeks before it occurred, the genocide in Rwanda shown to me a year before it happened and the war in Chechnya two years ahead of its occurrence. The declaration I made of the destruction of the Twin Towers in New York was two years to the very day before they came down. As far back as 1995 I received the knowledge of the weather changes in great detail before such destructive extremes could even be imagined. Likewise, when the economic boom was at its height and I gave the message that the stock market would shortly collapse, people reacted with disbelief but as with every other revelation given to me, it was rapidly fulfilled to everyone's shock. It was a similar pattern when I warned that Ireland would have abortion, euthanasia and same-sex marriage - people were adamant that such legislation would never be enacted in our country yet the same people were dumbfounded to witness that the Irish people rushed with lightning speed not only to usher in same-sex marriage and a liberal abortion service with all costs borne by the state but to publicly welcome the outcome with festivity. As far back as 1992 I publicised how uniting of the currencies in Europe was the first step to be followed by others (a cashless society, a one-world bank, a one-world government and ultimately a one-world Church [not of God]) - all intended to bring about and impose absolute control, culminating in the 'chip', the mark of the beast which is mentioned in Scripture and through which we hand over our soul to the control of the evil one. World events show the rapid progression of this movement while so many remain blind and heedless to the dangers that surround them.

I must assert that I give the most recent message about a House of Prayer of reparation on the outskirts of New York with the same clarity and force with which I have conveyed every other message I have received. I cannot emphasise strongly enough the devastating danger that awaits New York and the pain I feel at the deafness of people to the merciful call of God who wishes to protect you. It brings me back to the moment when I stood on the steps of the Marriott Hotel next to the Twin Towers on 9/11, 1999 and responded to Judge Dan Lynch that the Twin Towers would come down if the American people did not turn back to God and I knew my words caused embarrassment and disbelief, yet two years later when the calamity occurred, he quickly phoned an Irish radio programme to recall the prophecy I had given and to uphold it. I say now to the people of New York, it is entirely up to yourselves what you do. My responsibility is ended when I convey to you what I have received in the most recent message and I will not be repeating it again. However, I can and must assure you that what is given will take place - like all else that I have received. While I was made aware of the manner in which the destruction will take place, I do not feel it would serve any purpose, other than curiosity, to engage in discussion at that level. Everything depends upon your free response to God's offer of mercy.

I leave you with the words Jesus spoke on my return journey from the United States,

"…My people of New York, you fail to hear and take to heart My call. You have a very short time to answer to My call. Your life is so busy with everything of the world and that of the flesh. I do not exist in your lives but when the chain of power begins you will realise how foolish you have become. I call you 'man of sorrow' for that is what you have been in My Heart. Listen in humility to My Wisdom through My messenger regarding the existence of New York for it will be disintegrated …… a non-existence while you are asleep and it is too late to awake you. Time is NOW. Your time is short. As I said, I will not call again. The choice is yours. My people, I love you. Turn to Me while you have time. Accept Me as your Lord and Saviour."

September 2018

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On the flight to Minnesota, September 3, 2018 Jesus said,
"I desire a House of Prayer on the outskirts of New York but only if it is put in place swiftly. It is of the utmost importance to save souls and for the protection of New York and its surroundings. People are to listen and this time let there be no excuses if they desire safety - it will not be said again."

During turbulence on board the flight to Our Lady's House in Minnesota Jesus spoke again,
"Have no fear for it is I who brought you here and you speak truth in My Wisdom for all to hear. It is only the foolish man who permits his ears to become deaf so as not to be able to perceive My Truth and Wisdom: yet many ask questions and make comments and judgements which wound My Sacred Heart. It would be better for such people to open their hearts and recognise it is I who am speaking Truth through My vessel for all to hear and recognise.

I desire this House on the outskirts of New York as a must for many to receive protection for there will be many there who will be able to respond and uphold it. There were those who shut their ears and eyes and permitted their hearts to close to My call and justice is about to come upon them. Great disasters are to come to many parts of the world and especially in the Americas. Leaders in authority in the Americas have become very united in the darkness of the world. They welcome and hail all that is of death and have brought to themselves all in the seduction of the powers of darkness.

How the many within My Church shame Me …………….. Woe unto you, godless men! Pray, pray, pray!

People are completely unaware of the dangers about to befall New York. I plead with you to listen, make haste and respond to what I ask of you. I desire to protect and help you but you must decide and failing this you will draw upon yourselves great sorrow through the destruction of not responding. I beg you to make haste to put this in place. Let the guidance of this be with My vessel through the wisdom I have imparted to her. Do not take it upon yourselves without her guidance as has been in the past - which has led to a 'fruitless pearl' for many.

I want you to make known to the world the grave danger, especially for New York. California - its people will receive much through their rejection of Me, their Lord. How so many merry and unite in the powers of evil in the dark art of the deceiver. Many little ones aborted cry out to their Father through My Life that this awful craft of death come to an end but humanity unites more strongly with death rather than acknowledge Life of Me their Saviour. I will permit a disease to fall upon those that are predators of the innocents and depraved in the nature of their being. They bring to My Sacred Heart great sorrow and bring about much destruction of their souls and country.

There are leaders uniting in the next stage in their pact to bring about the third world war. This is hidden from the world. Your island of Ireland is in its deep decline into its mire of sin and death. They move faster than many parts of the world and if they choose not to change and turn back to Me, their cries will reach Heaven itself in poverty, hunger and disaster. I desire you bring My Truth throughout the world. I will guide and inspire you as to where.

(Jesus then gave a personal message for Christina's spiritual director.)

Woe to those who in the little of what they offered through the Houses they have provided in the greatness of the call of My Mother, have permitted them to be lost in their lack of fulfilment thereby depriving them of the fruitfulness of My Mercy. They were like he who walked on the water - their faith was weak and they allowed the Houses of their Mother to be let loose and not bear fruit. They forget the few who were beneath the cross where salvation was won for all humanity beside My Mother. Their weakness brings My Mother's Heart to weep tears of blood - o ye of little faith! All dealings of My Mother's Houses must be in the knowledge of My vessel otherwise they will only bring about a fall………….
A private message followed.

I bless you, Father, Son and Holy Spirit."

NB. Those wishing to participate in this call for the protection of New York should make their cheques/bank drafts payable to "OUR LADY QUEEN OF PEACE HOUSE OF PRAYER" and write in the memo at the bottom of the cheque "for House of Prayer in New York" and send their contribution to;
Our Lady Queen of Peace House of Prayer
33932 County Rd. 18
Sauk Centre, MN 56378
Tel: 320-352-9954

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On Wednesday July 25th during prayer in the chapel of Our Lady Queen of Peace House of Prayer, Achill, an extraordinary and entirely unexpected event occurred. Taken totally unawares, Christina, who was on her knees, was drawn into a supernatural experience in which Our Blessed Lady appeared before her in radiant beauty surrounded by a multitude of angels in great joy. Our Lady showed Christina the many, many souls released from purgatory on that day. This was followed by the sight of a huge group of souls now in glory who were faithful to the mission of Our Lady Queen of Peace. Then Our Lady showed Christina a rapid glimpse of the countless crowds of Her 'lost' children still on earth who would be touched by the special graces God permitted Her to dispense on that day for their conversion. Then, extending Her hand towards Christina, Our Lady said,
"Receive My Divine Son, Jesus".
Christina opened her mouth revealing her clear tongue. Then as Our Lady placed on Christina's tongue the Body of Jesus, there instantly appeared 'from nowhere' upon her tongue a piece of flesh with blood distinctly visible upon it. As all in the packed church witnessed this sequence of events and saw Christina absorbed with unblinking gaze throughout the entire time that it lasted, several were moved to tears at the divine reality happening before their very eyes. After visibly swallowing what she had received from Our Blessed Lady, Christina continued in this experience for a further period of time. Our Lady said to her, "You have received My Divine Son, Jesus." Then She added, "The third world war is close. Do not fear. I will guide you." Only when the entire experience was ended did we realise what the words of Jesus to Christina in His message given for the special days of July 16th and 25th had meant. Jesus, referring to those upcoming days had said, "…….My Flesh of My Sacred Body will be with you. Fear not."

Jesus spoke to Christina; " My little one, write and tell all My people throughout the world,

Prepare! Soon, soon My Hand is about to cover the earth. I will crush the one that disowns Me. Sinful man, in his pride, has raised himself up in an attempt to become like Me but he is merely man of sin. My Sacred Heart is pierced and weeps Blood on account of man's resistance to opening his heart and hearing and receiving Truth and Life in Me. How it causes My Sacred Heart to be crushed! I am Life, Love and Mercy and unto man I gave life. My justice is close. My mercy I have given to many throughout the world but all that is given in prophecy must be fulfilled. Humanity has entered its final phase. My Church - its doors are opened to all that is not of Me. Pray, pray for souls! Your sufferings offer to Me and through your offering, surrender and love for Me, I will save souls. The hour of My Father is close to you, My people. Satan has opened hell and his many legions are released upon the earth but the four angels are stationed at the four corners of the earth. Woe unto those who in their bodily diseases received My healing mercy and who, in return, have given Me only insult and have rejected the mission I have given to you for such! I will cause them to endure a greater pain for their rejection of Me and for the insult they have brought about. Foolish is the man who lacks understanding and finds fault with the little victims I have chosen, rather than trying to understand My calling through the message they give. Woe to those who cast doubt on My little souls who bring truth to your world!

The world is close to its purification. My Hand is close and that must be fulfilled before My forthcoming in the clouds for all to see.

As My Hand approaches the earth, the sky will darken, the lightning will flash through the sky to be seen throughout the world. The thunder will be so loud that it will shake even the earth, bringing about earthquakes and disasters in some parts of the world. The lightning-strikes will flash throughout the sky for all to see. Many will die of fear and shock - even those with hardened hearts. These will shake more because of their closed hearts and lives which are saturated with evil and have become one with death through the evil one. The peace talks you hear of in parts of the world are false. You are more close to great destruction of the world now.

Repent now! Throw yourself on My mercy, you sinful, foolish man.

Those who have been working to destroy truth must repent before it is too late and recognise their faults of heart, soul and life rather than fall into the deception of finding fault with the little ones of My Sacred Heart.

My vessel, be at peace. Know that I am with you. I experience the depth of your aloneness. Offer Me your abandonment of heart and life. I will receive it and grant mercy to many souls through it.

A cross will soon be visible for all to see in the sky. As My Hand approaches the earth, day will turn to night. Many angels surround My Mother's House. The archangels gaze upon this House as it represents My Mother's battle with the devil and all his minions. How they try to destroy it and you, My little one! Their destructive actions are bringing about a darkness to stop My people from receiving truth.

How so much of My Sacred Heart's contents, which have been poured out for mankind through My Mother's House, have been attacked. My people, I tell you make haste to throw yourselves upon My Mercy while you have time.

When those days come a cloud mingled with the light that will extend from My Hands will envelop and protect My Mother's House for the sake of Her Maternal Heart. My Mother will humbly stand over this House while My Sacrifice through the Flesh in the Blessed Sacrament will be visible. (Christina was then shown the House enveloped in a cloud mingled with light. She could then see Our Lady over the chapel of the House of Prayer. She saw the Sacred Host become visible over the font by the entrance to the grounds of Our Lady's House as Jesus spoke.)

How My Heart desires to flow and fill all those with empty hearts! My thirst is great for all souls. If you My people would abide and hear My call and that of My Mother before the darkening days arrive, I would give multiple gifts of healing -corporal and spiritual- but it is the same today as at the time of the Gospel - they are too busy making their judgements on this mission. If My people were to fill My Mother's Houses in prayer, I would permit the flow of gifts to them and the gifts of My Life which they are rejecting now, they would not be throwing out. For those coming with pure and open hearts I yearn to fill them with multiple graces and healings.

(Christina was then shown an image of the Church in great darkness and a number of black dogs [smaller than before] running away.)

I will shepherd My flock Myself. Confusion. Confusion. Truth is trampled upon. There is little Light of Me to be seen in the world as hearts grow cold. If the people came to fill and uphold My Houses I would permit an outpouring of gifts, spiritual and corporal healing.

At the appointed hour of the Father I will give an extended time of one year to baptise with fire through the Holy Spirit those who enter this, the Mother House of Prayer.

There is great, great wrong in the people's lack in the Americas of receiving Life in Me or giving their time to My Mother's Houses. They, too, will receive their just reward.

My little one, blessed are you from My Sacred Heart. Continue to receive My Love and Wisdom.

I bless you, My brother in My Life. Be strong in Me. Receive and continue to relate Truth. I am Truth and Life. The man of perdition has tried to destroy you. I want you to know I am with you and I will continue to live through you. I had desired a different work through you but there were those in darkness and sin who made many changes to destroy this. They were only permitted to change your life to a union with Me in the Cross. Your life's alterations only served to enhance that of My Life in you. How great is your reward. Remember that as you ascended Calvary your life has been a flame of love and of Me through the Holy Spirit. I know your humanity only experiences the wounds but to those who have inflicted such, to them justice will be given. You know all the affliction upon My little victim. Comfort her with Me.

My little one, I desire you to have this message given to My people on the 16th and 25th of July. My gaze will be upon you and upon all present on those days. My Flesh of My Sacred Body will be with you. Fear not. I bless you. Father, Son and Holy Spirit."

Our Blessed Lady then appeared to Christina. After a brief personal message, Our Lady said;

"You have received great blessings to be steadfast in this mission. The 25th anniversary of My House of Prayer is a great triumph because it also unites the 25th with My lost children. I will give great blessings on that day. All people who will be present should be in the hearing of what will be said on that day."

Message received by Christina Gallagher for 16th & 25th July 2018

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Dr Gerard McGinnity s response to the diabolical attacks upon Christina Gallagher and the House of Prayer

It is well known in the history of genuine apparitions that every authentic intervention of God is always attacked. The more powerful the work of God is, the more fiercely it is attacked. In that case, the work entrusted by Heaven to Christina Gallagher has to be extremely powerful- if the horrendous and relentless fury and hatred against her are anything to go by! Persecution, slander, intimidation, incitement to hatred and life threats are among the many forms of attack used against Christina and the work of Our Lady Queen of Peace. Jesus Himself, of course, warned of this in the Gospel -indicating clearly that it would be a sure sign of authenticity, when He said to His followers, "You will be hated by all on account of My Name." (Matt.10:16,22), "I am sending you out like lambs among wolves…(Lk.10:4), and "Happy are you when people hate you, drive you out, abuse you, denounce you…on account of the Son of Man…This was the way their ancestors treated the prophets." (Lk.6:22). While such opposition to the genuine apparitions has always existed,it is nevertheless horrifying to see the depths to which the attackers have continuously sunk in setting up false websites under the same name to deliberately mislead readers. Those rogue sites mimic and mock Our Lady's Mission and try to discredit Her messenger Christina. Please be aware that there is only ONE genuine website. It carries the full truth. It is; Ignore ALL others. These false sites are clearly created by the same few individuals who have led the persecution of this work for many years and have obviously never met Christina Gallagher nor analysed the facts relating to her work.

I am not 'gullible' I have a doctorate in theology and have investigated many contemporary apparitions and the only instance I have found to fulfil the criteria set out by The Lord Himself when He says in the Gospel, "By their fruits you shall know them" is that of Christina Gallagher. For thirty years I have observed every aspect of this work and mission. Throughout the past thirty years I saw with my own two eyes, not only in Ireland but in the US, in the Philippines and elsewhere the tangible, evident signs and 'good fruits' which abundantly uphold and authenticate a work such as this. I see the many medically approved healings such as that of Kathleen O'Sullivan from Listowel in Kerry who suffered from pancreatic cancer with secondaries in the bile duct who had been sent home for palliative care with only days left to live. Her consultant (a professor of medicine) who had placed her medical file with the deceased, declared after her healing that there was "no human, medical , scientific or psychological explanation" for her cure. it was published in the Medical Journal. (Further details of this and other major healings can be found on the website have seen the case of a baby medically-declared dead in the womb of its mother, Mrs. Finola McManus who insisted to her doctors in the hospital that she would not have the baby removed before going to the House of Prayer and having Christina Gallagher pray with her. On her return to the hospital, to the shock and amazement of the doctors, they found a heart-beat and the baby was born perfect -a little girl and Mrs. McManus herself related everything of her experience in a documentary film broadcast on Italian television which contains a re-enactment of the events (and a copy of which we have at the House of Prayer for anyone who may desire to watch it).

I have also observed over thirty years graces of conversion, of the re-discovery of confession, of supernatural faith, of religious vocations, of discovery of the Rosary and of deep reconciliation after bitter estrangements. These are all fruits which do not mislead for they can be attributed only to the action of the Spirit of God and it was of these Jesus Himself spoke in the Gospel when He gave the definitive means of judging the source of any activity, "By their fruits you shall know them. A bad tree cannot produce good fruit…"

In over 700 recorded healings there feature several different forms of cancer -cancer of the bladder, cancer of the liver, cancer of the lungs, cancer of the tongue and the mouth, cancer of the throat, the glands and voice box, cancer of the hand, leukaemia and almost every part of the body,as well as Parkinson's disease, rheumatoid arthritis, blindness, instantaneous clearance of blocked carotid arteries, a baby born with conjoined artery and windpipe which had no medical possibility of treatment instantaneously healed, Inoperable crushed vertebrae spontaneously healed -to name only a few.(Read details on official website under 'Major Physical Healings').

I have witnessed at first hand over these thirty years extraordinary conversions of people away from the Church- some for 10, 20 and even 30 years. Outstanding among them is the instant healing and conversion of a young drug addict whose two brothers had previously died from drug addiction. He said after his cure, "I lost my two brothers to drugs…I also became hooked…" On his first visit to Our Lady's House he joined in the Rosary in the chapel and during the prayer a strong sensation went through his body and he knew some great change was taking place within his entire being. From that moment he had no urge to touch drugs though up until moments before he could think of nothing else but drugs! And he had no withdrawal symptoms. "Not just that, "he said,"I had the desire for daily Mass, Holy Communion, prayer, the Rosary…" Any priest who has ministered to those suffering addiction knows that such a healing and conversion have only a direct divine explanation. I am frequently amazed at how people so vocal in their denial of any evidence of the supernatural being at work in Our Lady's mission can refuse to examine the compelling proofs that God provides! (For much more evidence of the supernatural see on the official website 'Fruits in Abundance').

In addition to the stream of healings and conversions over all these years I have also witnessed so many other undeniable proofs of the power of God at work in the ministry given to Christina. For example, I was standing beside her and Judge Dan Lynch from Vermont on the steps of the Marriott Hotel conjoined to the Twin Towers on September 11,1999 when she prophesied that the Twin Towers would be brought down. Two years later -to the very day- her words were proved true when the catastrophe occurred. Judge Dan Lynch in his shock phoned Christina to recall to her the words she had said and later spoke live on RTE to confirm this fact directly. Another remarkable proof, of course, which I experienced at first hand was the scene clearly shown to Christina eight years before it took place -the tsunami in the Indian Ocean on December 26, 2004 which killed a quarter of a million people. She had published the description in 1996. (See more on the official website under 'Prophecy Fulfilled')

In addition, I have been for thirty years a first-hand witness (among many others, of course) of the fulfilment of other world events previously publicly announced and published many years in advance by Christina such as the detailed weather changes given her in January 1995-long before they became a reality- heat to cold to ice; rainstorms like the world has not witnessed, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes even in unexpected countries, mudslides,disasters throughout the world.

I was also present among a large crowd on January 23, 2006 when Christina stated publicly at the height of the "Celtic Tiger' boom (what sounded incredible at the time) that a collapse in the stock market was imminent. And as with every other prophecy of Christina these words were fulfilled to the letter, against all the odds and against the complacency of financial experts at the time. I found the same with what she said as far back as 1992 when she was told by Our Lady there would be a uniting of the currencies in Europe leading to a cashless society, a one-world bank, one-world government and a one-world Church. We can already see the completion of the first of these and the powerful thrust of the economic world to enforce the remainder…all of which consolidates a dictatorial power of absolute control over individuals and the means of their manipulation.

On their fake websites the anonymous attackers deceive readers by trying to joke about Mrs. Gallagher owning great volumes of property, even the Houses of Prayer! -none of which could be further from the truth. There were even photographs of properties published on the fake websites which had nothing to do with Christina Gallagher. She did not even know to whom these properties belonged! I would ask you to please pray for those misguided people who have such a need for destruction not only in their hearts but in their souls. This is entirely false. The Houses of Prayer are not owned by any individual and they cannot benefit any person. A board of directors administers each one and Mrs. Gallagher is not even on any board.Yet the attackers never correct this deception. In the same way they never acknowledge or quote the declarations from the Attorney General (19 March,2000) or that of An Garda Siochana that there was nothing needing to be investigated at The House of Prayer. Rather, they amuse themselves by continuing their defamatory innuendo.

Similarly, the attackers tried to find fault with my visiting the House of Prayer and they tried to interfere with people exercising their right to go there but I notice they were not honest enough to quote the response of Cardinal Brady to a newspaper, "I am not aware that Fr. McGinnity is breaking any law, civil or canonical by going to The House of Prayer." While it is sickening to witness these diabolical attacks with no foundation, we should rather be thankful to God for their being a greater proof that it is truly a work of God and a sign of Christina's authenticity. Who other than God can heal the sick of incurable diseases, convert the heart that is closed to Him and how can man dare challenge the work of God and the servant who carries it out?

Rev. Dr. Gerard McGinnity.

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Jesus Speaks to Christina Gallagher

Jesus spoke to Christina on 22 September 2017;
He said,

My people, I want you to see the might of My Hand. How you still find fault with My messenger and fail to respond to My call. Your hearts are closed to Me. Many of you, My people, respond only to try and find fault with My words and through your closed hearts and sinful ways, you draw My Hand upon your world even more swiftly. Your sin multiplies, your arrogance grows as you dissect My words to My messenger who endures much for your sake. How so many of you cling to your money and goods as if it were I you were clinging to. Your worldly goods will be of no value to gain your inheritance of Eternal Life. I plead with you, look into your hearts, what do you see there? - the world's thirst through your flesh.

I am denied in My Church as the way is opened for anti-Christ. All these many years you have only found fault with the vessel of My Heart and many united in increasing her suffering, to cause as much distress as was possible upon her. Ask yourselves why? - because your hearts are closed to Me who is Truth. Many of you bear the mark of the one I spoke of in the Gospel who stood on the street corner… (Jesus then drew to Christina's mind the parable about hypocrisy before God). My messenger, I tell you to request My brother Gerard to read that parable to the world."

(Here is the parable from St. Matthew's Gospel, chapter 6);
'Be careful not to parade your good deeds before men to attract their notice; by doing this you will lose all reward from your Father in heaven. So when you give alms, do not have it trumpeted before you; this is what the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets to win men's admiration. I tell you solemnly, they have had their reward. But when you give alms, your left hand must not know what your right is doing; your almsgiving must be secret, and your Father who sees all that is done in secret will reward you. And when you pray, do not imitate the hypocrites: they love to say their prayers standing up in the synagogues and at the street corners for people to see them. I tell you solemnly, they have had their reward. But when you pray go to your private room and, when you have shut your door, pray to your Father who is in that secret place, and your Father who sees all that is done in secret will reward you. When you fast do not put on a gloomy face as the hypocrites do: they pull long faces to let men know they are fasting. I tell you solemnly, they have had their reward. But when you fast, put oil on your head and wash your face, so that no-one will know you are fasting except your Father who sees all that is done in secret; and your Father who sees all that is done in secret will reward you.'

Jesus resumed,
"You are like such. Your hearts are closed to Me and you draw your life more into unity with the world, flesh and sin. You must understand that My Life in you is your inheritance. That is your only safety. Wake up before it is too late! My Hand has shown Its might in parts of your world that have rejected Me for centuries, yet My mercy was given. The time of My mercy is over for many because they live by the flesh for so long they do not know Me. They are blind and draw only darkness and sin unto themselves.

O you foolish man of the world, so bold and hard of heart!, hear My call before it is too late for you, too.

The devils swarm the world's inhabitants and yet they see nothing. So many of the world curse Me for My Hand crushing foolish mankind but no-one wants to know why or open their hearts. The world will endure many terrible calamities to show them what their hearts' yearning brought upon them - their desire was not for Me but only for the world. I say to you, wicked man, wake up before it is your turn to experience the wrath of My Hand. My Heart thirsts for you but you have become wicked, so full of self-will. My mercy is only with you for a short time. Cry out to Me for mercy. My mercy I will give you. My people, My Sacred Heart weeps Blood for you! My love is pure. Partake of Me and reject the flesh and the world. Live in Me who is Life and Light.

I bless you,
Father, Son and Holy Spirit."

22 September 2017

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Christina Gallagher Prophecy Now a Reality

Those who have criticised Christina Gallagher and the messages she delivers from Jesus and Mary over the last 30 years, as being ‘doom and gloom’ and ‘scaremongering’, can now clearly see them being fulfilled. Worldwide news reports today are full of the very same 'doom and gloom’ she spoke of - in the effects of severe weather, earthquakes, multiple hurricanes, flooding, fire, threat of nuclear war, famine, murder, bloodshed, the list goes on. Unless you choose to remain in total blindness it is plain to see that these are the catastrophes humanity has been warned about through Christina Gallagher if the world did not turn away from sin and return to God. Will anyone admit that what is seen around the world today is in fact the prophecies of Christina Gallagher being fulfilled? Now is the time that people should realise the truth of these messages from Heaven and turn back to God in prayer and the Sacraments.

Jesus speaks to Christina Gallagher

LATEST New Message - August 16th 2017
Jesus Speaks to Christina:

"My little one, be at peace. My peace I give you. Let it still your heart. I tell you, trust in Me. I am Mercy, Truth, Life and Light.
Anyone who bears life in Me will walk in light and have My life in them. Those who choose to walk in darkness, live by the world and partake only of the world.
I became Man to save man from himself. In My mercy I became Man and man was begotten in My Life.
O you foolish people who choose to live in the stench of sin and reject My Mercy! I have called you out of darkness into the light to receive My Mercy and to enkindle in your hearts and souls the light and life I have given you.
The world has become a cesspool of iniquity and how My people bathe in it as if that were their inheritance!
How man within My Church has drawn My Church into the stench of such s…..
* Its mire of filth pierces My Sacred Heart.
So many have become one in its depraved actions. How many who received their power and state in My Church through s…..
* plunder truth in fulfilling the needs of the flesh to draw them to loss of faith and in their actions lead them to condemnation.
So many live by the world. My people l…... within My Church, how you have made yourselves pariahs before Me! You partake of filth and live like animals. I gave you life - you repay Me by becoming death. How wicked the hearts of mankind have become! I have revealed this to My children of Fatima through the voice of My Mother.
My Church will soon be shaken to its foundations as it makes way for antiChrist to rule and sit on the chair of Peter.
How the evil one rejoices to see this but for man to destroy My Church and lead My people astray! Woe unto such people!
The call of My Heart and that of My Mother have been blocked out because they do not want to hear Me and so many permit life of Me to be destroyed in their souls.
Soon I will prune back those who do not have My life in them. Their shoots of evil propagated throughout the world will be burned in the everlasting fires, while they do not believe that such exist.

My dear little one, how you have been crushed because those who know you are telling the truth drew destruction upon you through lies and deception, on account of their own guilt. Such people will perish. I will say unto them, "Begone from Me, you cursed! By your actions you have chosen this for yourself."

Dear child, the words I give you will enter many hearts. My words to you will bring life to many.

This work I have asked of you is a heavy cross to carry. Its wounds abide upon your heart but etched upon your face for all to see. I tell you, be at peace. All things are passing, and those who choose to hear and respond to truth - putting truth first and building upon it their lives - will be those who will enter their eternity of life to rejoice.

I bless you, child.
Do not let your heart be troubled.
Unto you I impart My choicest blessings,
Father, Son and Holy Spirit."

*Regarding the abbreviated word - as most people are already aware, when a word is shortened a dot replaces each omitted letter in that word. So the number of dots always indicates the number of letters in the actual abbreviated word. Unfortunately, a few misguided people, unaware of that grammatical procedure, are now making their own personal judgements to cause confusion and mislead others about the meaning of the word uttered by Jesus to Christina in this message. Their personal conjectures are entirely false. The word in question has absolutely nothing to do with excrement or human waste as, for some unknown reason, they seem to automatically assume because it happens to begin with the letter "s"! If they had paid close attention to the number of letters in the abbreviated word, they would know it could not be so and they would not be causing such confusion to others.

Message - August 2nd 2017
Jesus Speaks to Christina:

"Your sufferings are many because there are many storms surrounding your life. I am aware of all you endure:
I draw your sufferings through your offering of will and many souls are being saved. There is a great battle of the principalities fought around your life, and you experience its effects. You are hated by the devil because of your offering through your will to Me. I draw it into the Light and many, many souls that are destined for hell are saved. I tell you, be at peace. All is passing but great work is being done.

I have asked My people to take care of you but many do not fulfil My desire. If they could understand they would change their hearts, and put My request first in their lives. They know it is I, their Lord God who communicates with you and I am Truth. In My people's response, they can make it their offering to Me for souls- to bring about the means to end your fears and sorrow. I do not desire this kind of sorrow and fear for it draws your heart away from Me. I see all things and I know what is in the hearts of My people. All will see much change throughout the world- war, war, war, unrest, weather changes beyond man's understanding. There will be many scientists to explain My Hand away. My Hand is fast approaching your world. The world's offences to My Sacred Heart through sin are enormous. My messenger, if My people allowed Me into their hearts they would not have need for Me to remind them. They would fulfil what I ask: they would not bear your life for one day. My messenger, they have it easy in comparison with your life. I beg you, My little one, stay close to My Sacred Heart. Offer all you endure, and I want you to be aware that nothing of your suffering is in vain. It is a priceless gift to Me. My Sacred Heart burns with love for you. I experience your life-offering to Me. If only you could see in your earthly time the many souls that you have permitted Me to save- even those destined for hell. I draw them back from Hades and give them life and protection again. I tell you, be at peace.
I bless you,
Father, Son and Holy Spirit."

As far back as 1992 Christina Gallagher was told of a series of world developments; that there would be a uniting of currencies, first in Europe and later leading to a one-world currency followed by a cashless society which will require the ‘chip’ or ‘mark of the beast’. During this time there will come into being a one-world bank, a one-world government and a one-world Church which will not be Christian.

In October 8, 2009 Our Lady spoke to Christina again of these of these coming world events;
"My children, you have learned nothing from all the catastrophes throughout the world; from earthquakes, tsunamis, typhoons, mudslides and flooding - with much more flooding at hand especially throughout Europe. My children, why are you unable to recognize and see the signs of your times? It is the Hand of your Saviour Jesus coming close to the earth.

The more your Saviour Jesus permits you to see the enormous evil that is taking over your country, your person and the world, the more you drift with its evil and darkness and remain blind and deaf.

The anti of Christ is with you. Many will be treated with less dignity than the animals. The preparations are in place to rid the world of many, especially the poor, the handicapped, the old, the sick. Oh the outcries of the pain and hunger of many - all of whom are dear to My Motherly Heart and the Heart of My Son Jesus! The one-world government is almost in place. The one-world bank is in its place. It will be a huge means of control. A cashless society is being implemented.

My children, there are very dark days ahead of you. The time is NOW to hear Me. If you fail to hear and respond to Me and take to heart My call, I cannot help you. My children of the Americas, I beg you take heed and go to the Houses of Prayer that I have placed there for your protection. Pray and fast there in reparation for all of this evil covering the world.

I beg God for mercy for you. He will give you mercy.

Ireland has become darkened and its inhabitants no different from those throughout the world. Greed leads to evil and darkness, then hunger and death. My children, why were you so blind and deaf? You are so unwilling to respond. The truth was all around you but you would not listen. Those of you, who have received abundantly in grace and healings as a sign to others and yet have turned away from the truth of these great gifts, will receive a much greater affliction - beyond what they already had.

My children, hear what I tell you because you will not have the time or opportunity later. Many very bad things are befalling the world... not just the devastation through earthly catastrophes, but greater and deeper devastation through the control which is planned for you.

I beg you as your Heavenly Mother, please hear My call and respond. Through responding I can lead you to the light.

I weep for you. So many of you have your hearts closed to Me. I love you and I desire to help you, but many of you have forgotten My Son, Jesus and Me your Mother who loves you. I bless you, Father Son and Holy Spirit.”

In a message to Christina in June 30, 2015 Jesus spoke;
“My little one, there are many wearying and tormenting sufferings aligned for your world. Make known to My people whom I have loved and redeemed, especially those of Christianity, that the world hangs as on a cliff - but that cliff is My arm. I await their repentance of sin. Your world leaders plot and make many evil plans to devour you - and you remain blind. How you pierce My Heart in this blindness! You have a great lack of knowledge regarding your currency. My people, I have made known to you that there will be a one -world bank. What blinds your mind from being able to accept what I reveal to My little one? Only your foolishness. Any of your currencies will be of little use in the man-made creating of the one-world bank, your one-world government which is now implemented and in place and your one-world church which is on its way, a church which is anti-Christ - not of Me but My people, you the redeemed of My Blood, permit this. Your endurance through it will be great.

Woe unto him who propagates lies concerning My Truth! I will unfold it, but it will be too late for many. How My Heart is wounded due to My love for those of My redemption. Soon the magnitude of circumstances of all the deception portrayed before you will be uncovered…

My little one, My Heart hurts to see such abuse of My offering of love and your sufferings and humiliations. Woe to him who has found fault with you - even those with poverty of wisdom could recognise your sincerity.

My little one, be at peace. My peace I give you. Father, Son and Holy Spirit.”

"My people,

Blessed are you who are in My Mother’s House this day; more blessed is he who blessed this House many years ago. His soul now rejoices with Me in his Father’s House. Woe to those who have put obstacles in its way.

My Mother’s House is where light and grace will flow this day and every day. My people, I tell you to prepare for the day of the great apostasy. Its destruction and division is with you and its schism will be fulfilled very soon. You must be aware and search only for the truth and the hearts that speak it.

There are many doing the work of the deceiver in lies and deception regarding My Mother’s House and My messenger. You, My people have stood by and done nothing in her defence. My Mother’s House is yours and for your benefit and for the saving of souls, but oh, too late for many. There are many lost in darkness through the deception and lies that led to the shackles being put upon it.

The day is soon approaching when those who placed the shackles of injustice on My Mother’s House will receive their just rewards. I plead with you make haste to put things right by receiving My Mercy.

My people, I have shown you the might of My Hand and the Mercy of My Sacred Heart. I raised up the lowly; sick bodies I healed; the cold hearts I warmed to come to Me. How easy it is for the deceiver to draw weak children of man from Light and Truth.

Those of you who have placed obstacles and blockages in the way of Truth in My Mother’s House, I tell you make haste to undo your wrong before it is too late. Hear, o people, hear Me call you and invite you to undo your wrong before you have to come before Me. By then it will be too late for you. I say to you who have denied Me, “Begone to him whom you have chosen to lead you”. I have desired you live in Truth and receive My Light. Soon you will witness the great black apostasy. If you are in Truth and Light you will have nothing to fear. You will see it being fulfilled and feel it in your heart. The cycle of life is changing before your eyes but many of you see nothing.

My people, open your hearts to the Truth I relate to you through My messenger. Take care of her and My Mother’s House. You will need them more than you realise.

Soon - very soon - you will witness the sign at the entrance of My Mother’s House and over it. My Mother’s House will light up in light of gold for all to see, because it is then that I will break the shackles that have been put upon it. Those of My people who have helped My Mother’s House - blessed are they indeed, but for those who put the shackles of lies and deception on it and have held it bound, I say to you, woe unto such people that permitted their hearts to be led in such great darkness and deception. Oh how foolish you are!

My Mother’s Houses have been put there to save souls but man has put himself above his God sinking into the deception of Lucifer the deceiver. Woe unto all who fail to see the might of My Hand and the Mercy that flowed from My Sacred Heart! My people, give witness to Me who is Truth and to those who proclaim it. Soon Truth will be denied and deserted in the hearts of many through the seduction of the devil. He is turning light into darkness for many but not for long. Soon you will see Truth in all light but you must seek it now. Do not wait any longer – there has been too much time wasted. I desire you let this day be blessed in your heart and life. Come here often and draw from the Fountain of Grace to help you withstand the darkness that is befalling your world. I invite you to look and see how fast is the world’s decline. There will be many diseases arising from the practice of immorality and more and more you will see – through this decline – the grave danger to My Church from him who is anti-Christ. Soon he will be with you in human form.

I bless you this day with My Father, I the Son in the Holy Spirit"

Jesus & Mary
speak to Christina Gallagher
February 10th 2017

At a time when a news bulletin showed unprecedented numbers of whales washed up and dying on the beaches, Jesus remarked; "It is due to the experimentation and tests which are being carried out by man that great numbers of birds are falling from the sky and fish and mammals are being washed up on your shores. People should realise that God permits this to show people that the same will happen to them. Those who bring about these abnormalities in creation are not of Me. The wind that you hear is not your imagination but the sound of the battle between the principalities. (On a number of occasions in recent times Christina would have clearly heard the sound of strong and violent blasts of wind but with no earthly explanation - just as she did not originally understand when she first heard the crackling and scraping noises of the earth's plates before a major earthquake would occur.)

The growling sound that you have previously heard is of him who roams the earth to devour all in his path.

There will be an enormous multiplication of evil coming to the world 'in the next moon and half moon', though hidden from the world."
I could then see many devils rise out of hell (Jesus explained to Christina the evil purpose behind the dispatch of these devils).

"O you people of the world, how blind and foolish you are to let your salvation be robbed from you!"

"The red planet is burning".
(Christina was totally unaware and only discovered later that 'the red planet' refers to Mars which is also synonymous with 'war.')

Then I could hear a voice calling, "Trouble, trouble unto the earth!"
I could then see a long, white table with many men dressed in robes of white having a debate about the times we are in and about the times to come. Jesus was listening to the debate at first. Then He took a seat with them. I could hear them say, "O you of Babylon!" They were talking about the present-day Pharisees upon the earth and they were in conversation about what to do next. They said, "The world has become like the 'whore of Babylon'". ('Babylon' is used in the Bible as a way of referring to the kingdom of antiChrist and of paganism- it persecutes the followers of Christ. It is cruel, greedy and controlling. The 'whore' of Babylon' is explained in the Bible as representing 'the great city' which seduces the leaders of the world and their followers with its wealth, power and immorality.)

Jesus said,
"Much will be revealed to the innocent and little ones of the earth. Those who are united in My priesthood and in the victimhood of My life should be active in the work of salvation while there is still time."
I could see many people dressed in white walking around peaceful but restless because they know what is coming to the earth. Jesus said, "The seals are being broken one by one, leading to the seal that only the Lamb can open".

(As far back as January 1991, Jesus,in a message to Christina said, "…Tell all humanity about the seven seals of God! Tell all humanity!")

I could see a number of large white jugs about 4 feet tall around and not far from the table where the meeting was taking place but I was not made aware of their meaning. (Unknown to Christina, a central part of the Apocalypse as witnessed by St. John are the seven vessels or vials which the seven angels prepare to pour unto the earth upon the followers of antiChrist, containing the judge-ments of God, the seven last plagues.)

I could hear a voice call out the names of about 15 saints. The only ones among them all that I recognised were, Catherine of Siena, Teresa of Avila, and Padre Pio. Jesus said there were many little ones that He and His Mother had called to help and to enlighten the world and to whom He had even manifested Himself to show the truth of His call and that of His Mother - only to be denied by the Church and hidden from the world.

I was then shown a clock with the time at one minute to twelve. Then I could see an army marching and preparing for war.

I then mentioned to Jesus some people who had helped with the work. Jesus said that He had inspired them to help. "Blessed are they for their rewards will be great."

Jesus then said,
"The Word was made flesh for the salvation of the world. The Lamb of God is forever harboured in the Immaculate Heart of Mary" (I was inwardly made aware this meant Our Lady in Her Heart never ceases to offer the victimhood of Jesus for the salvation of the world.)

Jesus then referred to a torment which the devil had been inflicting on Christina over a number of months. All of a sudden the devil's interference ceased when Christina began offering it directly to God to plead for the saving of souls. Jesus remarked to her, "You see how quickly it stopped when you offered it for souls. This made the devil angry as souls were snatched from him."

Jesus then said,
"Never be oppressed and never be alone."
Christina then asked Our Lord if the extra cameras recently placed around her house and car were necessary?

Jesus replied, "Yes, and more should be added but understand it as only a deterrent - your life was in danger, your life is in danger and your life will always be in danger.”

Our Blessed Lady then spoke to Christina;
"God is deeply offended by people. He is going to be much more deeply offended in the time to come. ....................... ...................................

The crown worn by Our Lady was then raised above Her head revealing what looked like an encrustment of glittering diamonds which covered the centre of Her head and was shaped like a skullcap. It seemed to hold in place that part of Her mantle which rested on the top of Her head - a cream mantle with a beautiful glistening gold band trimming it. Her dress was white and the Sacred Host was glowing light. She said,
"Yes, the fruitfulness of My womb I brought forth for the redemption of the world, Our Saviour. God desires that there be much reparation as we enter the final phase of the End-Times: we are now in the advanced stages of the End Times. That is why I desire to console you. Now you must trust. Trust My Divine Son Jesus. I am your Mother and I am here with you.You can see Me. I am the Mother of Jesus. I am the Mother of the children of the world. I am the Mother of the Eucharist. Tell all My children to love Him in the Eucharist and in their hearts each day. Live by the law of God. Always live in truth, love and unity. Always know the love in the Heart of God for each one of you through the divinity of His Son. Know that all that separates us is the Veil- the Veil that shadows in life but yet when God permits the Veil to become "see-through" -which is like the "thinning of the Veil"- for the few, for the little ones of the world, they can see, so that they can have courage for the trials and tribulations that they endure. Many of the little of My Heart -My Motherly, Immaculate Heart- that serve and love the Lamb of God, the Word made Flesh- they saw and heard and now they are denied. The Word made Flesh that they pronounce is denied, mocked and laughed at. But be not afraid for we are in the End-Times and this is what you are to expect.

There are many evil things in your world and even more evil to come into your world to cause the most drastic, depravity of evil that will draw many into union with him who is anti- of Christ. ......................................................................... But never forget Jesus is in control in all things. God has known this in all time.

There is much given to you over the years, some of which you have forgotten, some of which haunts you in memory.

Do not feel bad because people do not listen. It is not your fault…….. I am always with you."

Our Lady then spoke about the abomination. ……………...............……
it will cause great distress for humanity. There will be great confusion but there will also be great pain and tears throughout the world. But never be afraid. Always know that I am close to you. Be at peace.
Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen."

Jesus then spoke of Our Lady soon to crush the head of the serpent, "There will very soon be storms - greater storms - among the principalities through the work of him who is antiChrist. Each day his seduction gathers great multitudes of souls drawing them to death and destruction.

See how he that is evil instantly stops in his tormenting of you when you offer it to Me for souls because he does not want a soul to be saved with each curtain hook that would be broken…that's as simple as it is with any attack upon you- once you offer it to Me, it can be received and weaken the power of the devil.

(Since the beginning of her call to fulfill this work, Christina has endured constant attack and torment directly and indirectly from the evil one in a variety of ways. In more recent times the harassment had taken the form of breaking articles in her bedroom during the night.)

Blessed are they that never have counted the cost."

'Blood from a Stone' in
Our Lady's Chain House of Prayer
Texas confirmed in 2017

God has richly upheld the truth of the messages of Our Lady Queen of Peace, given to us through Christina Gallagher, by many medically documented healings, conversions, the gift of knowledge and fulfilment of many world events. There are also many signs and wonders reported all the time. The ‘Blood from a Stone’ in Our Lady Queen of Peace Chain House of Prayer in Texas is one of these and now tests undertaken in 2017 have confirmed this 'weeping' substance to be blood.

Host at House of Prayer Chain House Texas

While the building work was underway at the House of Prayer in Texas in 2007, a red substance began to ‘weep’ from the wall behind the altar. The builders tried to remove it several times, even using acid, however the substance continued to ooze from the stone and they were unable to stop it. When the House was opened in November 2007, an Irish pilgrim took a photograph of the altar, and in the photograph over the spot where the stone was marked with the red substance, there appeared a white disc (as seen above).

In January 2017 on the 8th day of the special 9 day Fasting and Prayer Novena requested by Jesus, while the people were praying the Rosary in Our Lady’s Chain House in Texas, the red substance appeared to ‘weep’ on the Chapel wall again, in the same area that the Host appeared years ago. The substance when tested was remarkably found to be blood.

The red substance as it oozed from the stone in 2007

The stone 'wept' again in 2017 on the 8th day of the 9 day Novena of Fasting and Prayer requested by Jesus

The stone 'wept' again in 2017 on the 8th day of the 9 day Novena of Fasting and Prayer requested by Jesus

The substance when tested was confirmed to be blood.

Special call of Jesus
to 9 days of fasting and prayer
at Our Lady’s House of Prayer
beginning 9th January 2017

On Tuesday December 13th, 2016 Jesus, speaking to Christina said:
“My people, My Sacred Heart cries out to you to look!
See what is taking place in your world! Your leaders, many of them have signed agreements with the poison of their pen for your destruction. You are being seduced into darkness and you fail to recognise its evil depths. You can see how perverse so many are becoming… you can see in so many a sickness of mind which is beyond any realisation of the destruction of their souls through their bodies’ behaviour. The youth have become so confused even of their own identity. They search for their personal identity but find only confusion through drugs, alcohol, sex and depravity in mind and body. Love is no longer found in so many hearts, especially in the hearts of the youth of the world.

I desire My people to turn away from sin. Receive My call to life in Me. Receive My life and light, then you will find your way to peace and your hearts will once again experience love.

Many leaders have signed documents to destroy many of you; it is all in the plan of him who is antiChrist, living among you.

There are many evil spirits raised up and hailed high. Many people have become one with evil and darkness - even those you think are good. There is little goodness in your world but lawlessness is spreading like a virus that is full of poison.

My people, I desire you to fast and come to My Mother’s House and pray for nine days from the ninth day of the New Year. Fast on tea and bread only.

Pray, pray for wisdom to understand My call and that of My Mother. I desire that you can understand the evils of your world and recognise how you are being led into the snares of evil. You need to be protected and how you need My little one for guidance. She has endured much for your sake: she has been disbelieved, mocked, attacked - and all for your sake. Wake up! Your world has become a cesspool from hell and there many are going and you do not even see the grave danger you are in - in body, but greater than bodily danger is the danger for your souls.

There will soon be a great earthquake in the Americas. The Americas are called ‘the new world’ but it is rather ‘the dark world’ which spreads its poison throughout the entire world.

Jesus then referred to two countries (which will not be named here) whose leaders have made their pact and signed papers that will bring about the fire to fall from the sky. It will disrupt and disfigure the face of the earth.

There followed a very serious message concerning the Church which is not being made public.

My commandments are being washed away. They must be renewed and lived in all hearts that want to have My life in their souls.

I have pleaded with you, My people, to protect My vessel. You remain blind. Her life has come to be in great danger. She is hated in many hearts - many desire her blood. If this takes place it will be highly critical for you. All look on but you are blind to the reality of her life’s dangers. My people, hear and respond. I will not keep repeating My call and that of My Mother. The fire is lit. Be vigilant in the Spirit. Pray, pray for your safety. Father, Son and Holy Spirit."

(On Sunday December 18th, 2016 during Holy Mass Jesus told Christina that the Coptic Catholics - at present enduring the most severe persecution for the faith - are most pleasing to Him.)


Crowds were bigger than ever on 16th & 25th July at
Our Lady Queen of Peace House of Prayer in Achill

The 16th & 25th July has again in 2016 attracted crowds from across Ireland and many other countries of the world. Here are a few photos of events on both days at Our Lady's House - two blessed days :

Christina Gallagher at the House of Prayer Achill Christina Gallagher praying the prayer on the Bible. She gave an explanation that 'the Bible is the Word of God and unlike our word, the Word of God is Spirit and can pierce even the most closed heart. When we place our hands on the open Bible' she said, 'we let the light of God saturate us and flow freely throughout our homes.' Christina invited all people to put their hands on the open Bible in their homes and pray;

"Lord, I place my hands upon Your Word. I ask you to imprint Your Word upon my heart and give me the wisdom to understand it and the grace to live it. Take my life Lord this day and every day of my life. Lead me in the path of light and righteousness so that I may be with You now and forever, Amen."

Christina Gallagher House of Prayer Achill People during prayer - July 16 / 25th July 2016

House of Prayer Achill Christina Gallagher People outside the chapel queuing to get in. A break in prayer allowed a change-over giving more people a chance to be in the chapel - July 16 / 25th July 2016

House of Prayer Acihll Christina Gallagher People in the chapel after the change-over - July 16 / 25th July 2016

House of Prayer Achill Christina Gallagher People in the chapel after the change-over - July 16 / 25th July 2016

House of Prayer Achill Christina Gallagher Outside, at the side and the back of the House of Prayer, tents, cars, buses and people everywhere - July 16 / 25th July 2016

House of Prayer Achill Christina Gallagher Outside the House of Prayer - July 16 / 25th July 2016

House of Prayer Achill Christina Gallagher Outside the House of Prayer - July 16 / 25th July 2016

Christina Gallagher Fr McGinnity House of Prayer  Achill 2106 Christina Gallagher and Fr McGinnity mingling with the people outside the House of Prayer Achill - July 16 / 25th July 2016

Christina Gallagher House of Prayer Achill 2016 Christina Gallagher outside the House of Prayer Achill meeting with the people - July 16 / 25th July 2016

Christina Gallagher and Fr McGinnity outside the House of Prayer Achill 2016 Christina Gallagher and Fr McGinnity outside the House of Prayer Achill meeting with the people - July 16 / 25th July 2016

It is deeply saddening, even heartbreaking, to hear week after week people discussing the deaths and injuries that are resulting from each new weather extreme (most recently in Poland, Germany, France and Spain but without interruption now in all parts of the five continents of the world), whether it be sudden torrential flooding, lethal lightning and thunderstorms, massive hailstones, scorching heat-waves or raging tornadoes – not to speak of earthquakes in strange locations – people bewildered at experiencing not only ‘the four seasons in a single day’ but the dread that unforeseen disasters can now strike entirely ‘out of the blue’ and claim countless lives within seconds of time, and struggling in vain to find explanations – which they cannot, yet all of this was clearly announced and made known by God through Christina over the past eighteen years! It is heartbreaking because firstly, it could have been prevented and secondly, the means of receiving God’s protection have been given to us.

As far back as January 1, 1995, Our Lady told Christina,
“My Daughter, the world is in its decline….. The weather will be so changeable: heat to cold to ice; rainstorms like the world has not witnessed; hurricanes, floods, earthquakes even in unexpected countries; mudslides…”

Eight years later in Her message for July 16, 2003, Our Lady said,
“The weather-change in many parts of the world is recognized, but only in silence. Why can you not see and hear? Then act upon what I say, in My yearning desire to help you with love…”

Two years after that, on February 21, 2005 Christina was told,
“Floods will increase all over Europe and throughout the world, leading to a deluge. The sea will gradually rise and come in over the land. This will happen both in Europe and around the world…the sea levels.. will not recede. Heavy rainstorms, hail, gale-storms and tornadoes will increase to terrific levels…and in regions where they do not normally occur. All extremes of weather-change will occur not only within all months but even in any one day as the seasons enter total turmoil…

The following year, on November 3, 2006, Our Lady said,
“The world as you know it is in great turmoil, leading to its purification. The weather changes will escalate more and more in their behavior, floods, drought, fires, twisters – all those are little but there will also be earthquakes and tsunamis. You are unprepared for it in soul or body. I beg you, My children, turn away from sin and pray, pray…”

Also, in the message on January 15, 2006, Christina was told,
“...The electric storms will become low and dangerous.”

And then in October, 2012, Jesus said,
“...The lightning I once told you about to be "low and dangerous" is now in your world...”

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Those who have followed the messages of Jesus and Our Blessed Lady to Christina over the past 27 years have been prepared for the sad and painful events of purification which are at present overtaking the world. The current flooding which is inundating so many parts of Ireland is described by Met Eireann as "the worst since records began" but most interestingly the Met Office in its reaction and commentary has unsuspectingly echoed the very phrase used by Jesus to Christina as far back as February 21 2005 , "…heavy rainstorms in areas unaccustomed to such storms. They will begin to happen in regions where they do not normally occur…"

1st January 2016

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Extraordinary Healing
Just taken place in Texas
9th October 2015

Christina Gallagher - Our Lady Queen of Peace House of Prayer Texas
Chapel of Our Lady Queen of Peace House of Prayer Texas - October 2015

A woman who was brain-dead and on the life-support machine which the hospital was about to turn off, was healed, opened her eyes and spoke after a matrix medal was placed on her forehead and the Rosary was prayed. Hospital staff said “It’s a miracle”.

Mrs Davette Hendrickson was on a life-support machine in Tomball Hospital, Texas following a severe stroke which left her brain-dead.

Her friend, Ann Mitchell attended Our Lady Queen of Peace House of Prayer at Leander, Texas on Saturday, October 3rd to join in the Novena there and hear the messages of Jesus and Our Blessed Lady received by Christina Gallagher for the world. She picked up some Matrix Medals at the House of Prayer and went on Sunday evening to see Davette at the hospital.

Ann wanted to get a Matrix Medal to Davette because Ann’s own daughter, Laura (Stallones) had been instantly healed a few years ago, through the Matrix Medal, of a long-term addiction to heavy smoking.

She also said she had read on the leaflet with the Matrix Medal that among the many different healings which have taken place through the use of the Matrix Medal were the healing of people in a coma and brain-dead.

When she reached the hospital, Ann placed the Matrix Medal on Davette’s forehead and prayed that Our Lady Queen of Peace would help her. She also told Davette’s husband, Rustie to make sure the medal wasn’t taken away from Davette by the hospital staff. The medal was placed on Davette’s pillow to be kept there. Ann kept praying, especially the Rosary. On Wednesday the hospital told Davettes husband, “Your wife is dead. We are turning off the life-support equipment”. Her husband said, “I need to go away and think. Do not turn it off yet.” His sister-in-law told him, “Let her go”. The Matrix Medal remained on Davette’s pillow. On Thursday she opened her eyes all of a sudden. The nurses were flabbergasted. All they could keep saying was, “Well this is a miracle! We never saw anything like this in here.”

Her brain was suddenly functioning. When her husband said “Give me a kiss”, she puckered her lips immediately to do so. When her brother-in-law asked her for a kiss, she shook her head saying “No”!

Ann, her friend, who had given the Matrix Medal, said I showed the Matrix Medal leaflet to Davette’s son so that he would know without any doubt it was Our Lady who obtained the healing from God.

9th October 2015


Major physical healings supported by medical and scientific documentation

Testimony: Major Physical Healing of Brandi DeJesus
Testimony: Major Physical Healing and Conversion of John Garbutt

Testimony: Major Physical Healing of Kathleen O'Sullivan
Testimony: Major Physical Healing of Jed Michael

From a message of Our Blessed Lady to Christina Gallagher on February 28, 2019;
"The knowledge My priest-son, Cardinal George Pell possessed..."

PROOF that the mission of Christina Gallagher is TRUE - View on YouTube

Please be wary of the many websites making false claims about Christina Gallagher and the mission entrusted to her for souls. This is the only authentic account of her messages and experiences. You are invited to use the links here on the lefthand side to discover how God has richly upheld her mission for souls.

Miracoli - the Italian TV programme about Christina Gallagher and Our Lady Queen of Peace House of Prayer Achill - includes interviews with Christina Gallagher and her Spiritual Director, Fr McGinnity. The programme features one of the major physical healings that God has granted to PROVE that Christina Gallagher is GENUINE - through the testimony of a mother and the HEALING of her baby who was dead in the womb - declared as medically and scientifically inexplicable.
View Miracoli in full on YouTube

Message from JESUS
to Christina Gallagher for
16th & 25th July 2017

"...ONE-WORLD currency, ONE-WORLD bank, ONE-WORLD government and ONE-WORLD church...

As far back as 1992 Christina Gallagher was told of a series of world developments; that there would be a uniting of currencies, first in Europe and later leading to a one-world currency followed by a cashless society which will require the ‘chip’ or ‘mark of the beast’. During this time there will come into being a one-world bank, a one-world government and a one-world Church which will not be Christian. Read more...

christina gallagher book 2016
The NEW and long-awaited book

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full facts of her life's endurance

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In October 2012 a recording was made at Our Lady Queen of Peace House of Prayer in the US, at the conclusion of Holy Mass. When viewed it was found to have a remarkable light coming from the host, pulsating and lighting up the casing of the monstrance.

The Very Rev Dr Gerard McGinnity is pictured in the video leading the congregation at Our Lady Queen of Peace House of Prayer in the US

Fr Gerard McGinnity Biography, gerard mcginnity, fr mcginnity
Biography of Fr Gerard McGinnity
Written and published by Our Lady's Pilgrims

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Young Dublin man in thanksgiving gives public witness in July 2014 to his astonishing testimony of conversion at the Saturday Night Vigil at Our Lady Queen of Peace House of Prayer in Achill in 2012.

Conversion at House of Prayer Achill
Alan at House of Prayer Achill July 2014 ©Copyright

"During the Night Vigil as I was praying the Rosary I just closed my eyes, when some very strong and powerful sensation went through my whole body, and I was brought to tears. I cried and cried… I knew some great change had taken place within my entire being. From that moment onward, I have had no urge to touch drugs, thank God,” he explained. “Not just that, but I have had the desire for daily Mass, Holy Communion, Prayer, the Rosary” he added, explaining how he had gone back to God and received the sacraments...”

"Every time I visit the House of Prayer Achill I find myself being filled with a new love for Jesus and Mary"
by Emma Sheridan Co Carlow, Ireland

Emma at the House of Prayer Achill 2013 ©Copyright

"I am 27 years only and first visited the House of Prayer Achill in 2003. There on the Saturday night vigil I felt a deep peace flow through me... in it held a healing, security and fulfilment my heart had so desperately yearned for over many years of hurt... I received the grace to be happy without having to get drunk, take drugs or lead a promiscuous lifestyle.”

Great Conversion
After 40 Years

Challenging the Denial of the Supernatural at work through Christina Gallagher and the House of Prayer, a man tells of the "Miraculous Conversion of my Brother" after a 40 year absence from the Sacraments


This is my testimony of my brother and his miraculous conversion through Christina Gallagher. My brother had been asking me throughout that year;
"Can I go to Achill with you?" and "will you take me with you up to Achill?" and I would say to him "yes, of course you can and I will", but he would later back out and not go. One day we had it all arranged to go and I was to pick him up in Westport on Saturday. Before I set out, I called to visit my mother and she told me not to bother, that he had left a message to say he was not going. That was ok, it saved me the trip to Westport and I headed straight to Achill.

When I arrived at the House of Prayer and spoke to Christina and Fr McGinnity in the dining room, Christina immediately said "Where’s your brother?" I told her he was not coming. She said I should go and get him. "You don’t understand", I explained, "he will have gone straight to the pub and won’t be able to go now". Christina replied, ‘just go and get him’.

On the journey back I told myself how it was just a wild-goose-chase and that it was pointless. I knew he’d be in the pub and I didn’t know which pub or where to find him and even if I did find him I was wasting my time. I was only making the journey because Christina had asked me to.

I went straight to my mother’s house and she suggested that he might have gone to visit a neighbour, that he sometimes did that on the way to the pub. I went there and low and behold there he was drinking tea. I asked him if he would come and he said yes.

We returned to the House of Prayer in time for the Novena prayers. He stood in the doorway and stayed around after the prayers to meet Christina. Immediately after talking to her he asked a priest for Confession. Taking him outside the House of Prayer, the priest heard his Confession.

On the way home my brother told me all about it. He said how he had told the priest his whole life. When I think how he had been away from his Catholic faith and the Sacraments for 40 years before that, and that people deny the supernatural is at work through Christina Gallagher, well I beg to differ. Less than three months later my brother had a cardiac arrest and he never spoke again. He remained brain dead in a vegetative state from then until he died 14 months later.

I thank God for Christina Gallagher and Fr McGinnity, and for how He clearly used His vessel to grant my brother the great grace of a full conversion. If my brother hadn’t gone to the House of Prayer, spoken to Christina and received Confession that day he would not have returned to God before he died.

There are over 800 recorded testimonies of conversion and healing through Christina Gallagher and the House of Prayer Achill. These are on view at the House of Prayer Achill for all to read.

Fr Gerard McGinnity

Christina Gallagher by Fr Foley S.J.

fr gerard mcginnity

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