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Christina Gallagher, Our Lady Queen of Peace, House of Prayer Achill, Fr McGinnity, christina gallagherChristina Gallagher received a message from Our Lady on 20th October 2007:

"I call upon My children to pray a Novena to the Most Blessed Trinity"

Our Lady Queen of Peace

Christina Gallagher, Our Lady Queen of Peace, House of Prayer Achill, Fr McGinnity
Christina Gallagher - Prayers at Our Lady Queen of Peace House of Prayer in Achill, Ireland

"This novena which is to be offered during the three hours of My Son's Victory is to be prayed at My Mother House of Prayer in Ireland and in My Chain Houses throughout the world.""
Our Lady Queen of Peace
20 Oct 2007

At the request of Our Lady and then Jesus, pilgrims gather at the House of Prayer in Achill and at all the Chain Houses of Our Lady Queen of Peace to pray the Novena in Honour of the Most Holy Trinity every Saturday, from 12 noon until 3pm "the hours of My Son's Victory.

Christina Gallagher, Our Lady Queen of Peace, House of Prayer Achill, Fr Gerard McGinnity
Pilgrims of all ages from all walks of life come to Our Lady Queen of Peace House of Prayer Achill to answer Her call. "Come to My House and pray".

Christina Gallagher, Our Lady Queen of Peace, House of Prayer Achill, Fr Gerard McGinnity

"I call upon My children to pray a Novena to the Most Blessed Trinity""
Our Lady Queen of Peace
20 Oct 2007

Risen Lord as seen by Christina Gallagher House of Prayer Achill Spiritual Director Gerard McGinnity "I desire you open your hearts to Me who am Truth..."
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How Christina Gallagher sees Our Lady Queen of Peace House of Prayer Achill
Our Lady provides best remedy to levels of suicide & murder...
Ireland's Eye February 2014
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Christina Gallagher

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Christina Gallagher - Major healing
Return from death's door Pancreatic Cancer healed
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christina gallagher
matrix medal, christina gallagher, our lady queen of peace achill
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christina gallagher

Protection of homes in Moore Okla. Tornado 2013
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12th & 26th November 2013
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Notice of Misleading and Uninformed Attack

It is unfortunate that precious time has to be taken up dealing with bitter and outlandish attacks upon Christina as she carries out the work entrusted to her by Heaven for souls. For example, there is a website which misrepresents and misquotes the messages received by Christina. It fuses parts from separate messages which deal with unrelated topics thereby actually 'inventing' a bogus message which they then proceed to attack. An example of this is a "message" concerning eternal life.

All who are familiar with Our Lady's call through Christina will be aware that the messages are rooted in Scripture and that they lead us to the sacraments. Our Lady can never bypass Her Divine Son. When Our Lady speaks of the gift of Eternal Life through coming to Her House, She clearly means that She will intercede for the gift of their being open to the grace of conversion. Of course, as always, each one must still choose to respond.

The complete distortion on the attacking website states,
"Our Lady, speaking through Christina, claimed that by responding to the message coming from Achill, one is given grace of 'drawing life from Christina little by little'." How absurd!

In all Her messages Our Blessed Mother has NEVER referred to people receiving life from Christina! Our Lady consistently states that all life comes from God and from God alone. In a separate message( on June 23) which was altogether separate from anything about eternal life, while referring to the increased sufferings borne by Christina, due to the indifference and the lack of response of so many, Jesus remarked that "life was being drawn from her little by little", meaning, of course, the resulting deterioration of her physical health. Yet for no reason totally distinct messages are clumsily or careless mixed together and then attacked.

When the most basic ability to respect accuracy and truth is lacking, how can such a writer expect credibility? In fact, there is at least one other glaring mistake in reference to an instantaneous cure of advanced cancer of the bladder, implying that it was chemotherapy treatment which brought about the healing. The patient involved was actually the sister-in-law of Fr McGinnity, Christina Gallagher's Spiritual Director and it is a fact that she did not need receive any such treatment.

The same source proceeds to fiercely attack in a strangely resentful manner an element of infused knowledge given to Christina. Christina has consistently stressed from the beginning of the experiences given to her that she has no theological learning. What she receives and believes is of God, is for her to share with others. She has never held herself to be of any special importance on that account.

The experience and knowledge given to her concerning "the New Heavens and the New Earth" is entirely in harmony with Holy Scripture and Church Teaching. Christina once saw "the New Earth" as the Lord on the cross of Light with the Heavenly Father above Him while the Precious Blood from Jesus' side streamed unto the globe of the world, touching it at the same moment as the bolts of Light from the Father's Hand. Everything on earth was purified and a perfect harmony united earth and heaven. "the New Heavens", Christina was given to understand, is when we who are prepared to participate in the life of God for eternity are taken into God in the Mystical Body of Christ. We will then share in all of God, in His gifts and in His Life in all its fulness. As Heaven now is, it is a place or state which we by our response to God may choose to enter. Heaven now is for our benefit in that those already there can know their families on earth and can pray for them, as indeed the souls in Purgatory can also do.

But in the New Heaven, when all those to be saved are finally purified and Purgatory has been emptied, and the intercessory function of Heaven is complete, we will be so absorbed in the fulness of life in God that we would have no need for a memory of the past.

Christina experienced the New Heavens coming down like a Church of glass, glowing in Light. In the unity of God, she said, we can have the occupancy of both the New Heaven and the New Earth that are full of the Holy Spirit and totally in God. In the Life of God we share in the Holy Spirit and in the Virtues of God. To attack Christina regarding this knowledge clearly reveals an ignorance of the Church's tradition because this truth can be found similarly expressed by Pope Benedict XVI and the New Catechism of the Catholic Church. It is contained in the Gospel words of Jesus and has been experienced and re-iterated by mystic doctors of the Church. Cardinal Ratzinger, describing the ultimate experience of souls in glory says, "In the last analysis, the point is; God totally permeates the whole man with His fullness and His utter openness. God is "all in all" and thus the human person enters upon his boundless fulfilment". The knowledge given to Christina is precisely this. The Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches us likewise - Heaven essentially depends on being in the Mystical Body of Christ.

The Catechism teaches us that since the whole mystery of communion with God in Christ beggars the imagination (according to St.Paul the heart of man cannot conceive the greatness of what God has prepared for those who love Him [1 Cor 2:9], "Scripture speaks of it in images: the heavenly Jerusalem, paradise, the Father's house etc…" (CCC 1027) Any theologian would already understand from Biblical exegesis that mention of the word 'heaven' was a common circumlocution for 'God' in Scripture, used out of reverence.(Cf. Jerome Biblical Commentary, passim) In similar vein the Cathechism states, "Heaven is the blessed community of all who are perfectly incorporated into Christ".

St.John of the Cross, for example, spells out most explicitly this union as the ultimate goal of our destiny. He speaks extensively of how completely the souls transformed in love will be drawn into the life of the Trinity. He draws attention in this regard to the very words of Christ's prayer to the Father while He was still on earth that those He has given Him may one day be with Him where He is and that all of them may be one "as you, Father, in Me and I in You, that thus they may be one in Us…" (Jn. 17 and The Spiritual Canticle).

Furthermore, the experience of Teresa of Avila illustrates how earthly images such as those in Scripture for divine realities have profound spiritual connotations. What God showed Teresa of Avila further elucidates this reality. He showed her 'The Interior Castle' which was a most beautiful crystal globe made in the shape of a castle containing different mansions yet a representation of the soul and the various processes leading to its deepest union with The King of Glory - and her writing it down (at the behest of priests close to her) formed a book of many chapters, a classic treatise concerning the spiritual life.

The individual criticising the knowledge regarding heaven and earth given to Christina seems to view heaven in some 'spacial' manner. He appears not to recall the reply of Jesus to the Pharisees (Lk. 17:20) who asked Him when the kingdom of God was coming. Jesus replied, "The kingdom of God is in the midst of you". This reply can also translate as "The kingdom of God is within you". So Jesus was indicating two features of the mystery that is His kingdom. He is the kingdom: He was in their midst. He was also teaching them that the kingdom of God is within the soul of its adherents: it is pre-eminently a spiritual reality.

What Christina received directly from God in knowledge (without studying or reading anything )is in complete harmony with the Truth and one has to ask the hostile writer where he is getting the deception he conveys on his website. Why the need to afflict someone whom he does not even know? How could "a fallen angel" as he cruelly alleges, be the source of such messages and knowledge as are given to Christina- messages to reject sin, return to the sacraments, pray the Rosary, fast, make reparation?

The devil does not bring about conversions but rather, he works to prevent them!

To make such an attack is similar to what was levelled against Jesus, "It is through the prince of devils that He casts out devils!" It is surely they themselves who try to defame a good person in this uncharitable manner who are departing from the Gospel. Jesus also emphasised, "By their fruits you shall know them!" Is it likely that "a fallen angel" would bring young people back to the practice of the faith in such numbers as occurs at Our Lady Queen of Peace House of Prayer? The devil does not instantaneously heal addiction to drugs for those with no hope of recovery, then draw them to confession, then to daily Mass on a permanent basis, and then to inspire others by their testimony and example, thereby spreading God's graces! To try and attribute such evangelisation to "a fallen angel" is clearly the height of absurdity. This antagonistic person ought to know that as a matter of course Dr McGinnity, Christina Gallagher's Spiritual Director, has always meticulously scrutinised (even without Christina being aware) each and every message and item of knowledge received by her, submitting it to appropriate and rigorous analysis.

Horrendous Lies
which will need to be
probed by Solicitors

... Much was made in the tabloid press about allegations of wrongdoing and Garda investigations in 2008, but the outcome of the investigations carried out, was an announcement in March 2009, which appeared in The Irish Times, verifying that the DPP had decided no proceedings of any kind would be taken against The House of Prayer. The article at the time quoted Supt. Patrick Doyle, Westport, confirming the decision of the DPP in the matter. Needless to say, however, the sensation-mongering tabloids steered well away from highlighting this truth, and have since continued to make false claims.

This false judgement and condemnation goes on and on, and Christina is left deprived of her good name and reputation, as if she was guilty of wrongdoing. The fact of the matter is, Christina never went out to raise funds at any time in Ireland or America, as alleged. A lot of work was done over the years to the House of Prayer in Achill, but even then as the money came in to help the project in response to the message, two members of staff attended to the opening of the post, registering whatever donations came in, and replying to the donors. It can be readily seen that Christina did not have anything whatsoever to do with the fund raising or handling of the money, yet she is blamed by the media as if she was the fundraiser of monies, which is totally untrue.

The fundraising was done by a co-ordinator. Those who desire may go to the website called Voice of Our Lady's Pilgrims and there read the facts and the truth in relation to this. This material will shortly be available in book form. We understand it is against the law to incite hatred, yet over the last five years, such incitement has been part of an unrelenting media campaign, and it continues, through them and certain associates. Sadly some few people requested their money back after being misled by the false media stories.

There is great indignation among those who know the truth and are aware of the unjust and disgraceful way Christina has been treated, especially since she has received threats and hate mail through her letterbox, on foot of the media attacks...

The Gift of the PETAL

On Saturday July 5, 2014, as Christina led the Sorrowful Mysteries of The Holy Rosary during the Novena at Our Lady's House of Prayer in Achill, she was drawn into an experience in which she was walking on the road to Calvary behind Our Blessed Lord. There were groups of people dressed in old dark clothes accompanying and Christina could sense their intense hatred for Jesus. She wanted to do something for Jesus but was intimidated by the crowd.

Then on Calvary Christina experienced a moment where she standing by one side of the cross, her face at the level of Jesus' knees. She knew He was breathing His last. Then she could see blood spurt from the side of Jesus unto the earth. When she looked up she witnessed a great shaft of intense light which broke through the overhanging dark clouds and enveloped the Body of Jesus. (She was aware that the great darkness over Calvary was caused by the huge gathering of demons assembled in a final concerted effort to unnerve Our Lord and prevent his accomplishing the great act of Redemption.) Then Christina could hear a strong burst of rapturous joy like music carried from a distance on the wind. Although she knew it was singing, the harmony was so perfect it sounded more like music. She understood this singing was the jubilant voices of all in Heaven rejoicing in the victory of Jesus - not that they ever doubted He would triumph but it was their celebration of the accomplishment of salvation.
Then Jesus spoke to Christina and said He desired that on July 16th every conceivable space in the chapel be filled with flowers and that every petal be later preserved and encased and those enabled to obtain one would be greatly blessed. Christina understood the petal was to be carried on one's person or worn. She then saw radiant light emanating from Jesus' Heart and enveloping an abundance of flowers, making them resemble a sea of light. She was aware that there was a much greater depth to the gift which was not yet revealed to her.
On July 11th, when Christina entered the chapel to pray, she went before Our Lady's Image on the altar. The sanctuary area became surrounded with a mist. Christina could even experience the moisture from the mist as she drew her breath. The prayer she found herself offering was not of herself, but inspired, 'Holy Mother, thank you for your "yes" to God, for through your "yes" , salvation has come to the souls of all humanity. You were filled with the Holy Spirit and ever since, God has flowed His Spirit through you, permitting you to intercede and gain many and great gifts for the souls of humanity. Holy Mother, You are searching for God's lost children because you are one with the yearning of God to reunite His life in the souls of His children….'
When Christina thanked Our Lady for the gift of the Petal promised by Jesus, Our Lady who appeared to Christina as coming out of the Picture with the Roses, replied, "Blessed, indeed, are they who will be privileged to receive one of those Petals, for not only the contents of My Son's Heart but that of Mine also will be emptied upon the petals. (Christina understood that the Petal will permit in a powerful way the union in soul of The Two Hearts with the person carrying the petal.) "Is it like a relic, Holy Mother?," Christina then asked. Our Lady responded, "My daughter, this is much greater than any earthly relic. Not only My Son's Heart but My own Heart will have touched it".
On July 13, 2014, Jesus spoke to Christina, saying that those carrying a petal would be protected in body and soul in the dangerous times that are soon to be upon us: that the petals should be touched to the bodies of the sick, that those possessing a petal and who would be living at the time of the great sign that is to be given throughout the world, would be able both to see the sign with their eyes and also to experience it in their hearts: that any person privileged to obtain one of those Petals, will experience many great gifts bestowed by their means.
As Christina led the Rosary on July 25th, 2014 in Our Lady's House, she was suddenly drawn into a direct experience of Jesus who appeared before her in radiant white. Behind and above Jesus appeared the Head and Shoulders of the Heavenly Father, followed by the two Hearts of Jesus and Mary. Only the Heart of Jesus dripped Blood. As this happened, an angel swiftly came holding a golden cup like the upper part of a chalice and saved the dripping Blood. There was an explosion of light and Christina could see white rose petals swirling everywhere. When the petals all settled, she could see countless Holy Communion hosts coming down upon them. Our Lady could then be seen by the side of Jesus in a most loving attitude.
Finally, when this experience had ended, Christina was shown an immense gold crown which she understood to be that of Jesus. The crown, which was bathed in light, was the full width – in a circle – of the entire chapel. Christina was enlightened in knowledge that those in the chapel would be receiving the graces through the Kingship of Jesus.
Then Our Lady came exquisitely dressed in white, radiating – as always – light from Her Person through the beauty of Her garment. She wore her normal crown decorated with many coloured stones, glistening in the light. In the same knowledge Christina was led to understand that those present received many different graces signified by the many differently coloured stones of her crown.
Christina could see many angels swaying in playful movement around the bottom of Our Lady’s dress. She was given to understand that this scene revealed the close union of God and Our Blessed Mother with His people present in prayer.

Message from Jesus received by Christina on July 25, 2014 at 6.00 am.;

"My daughter, I desire you tell the people of the world, the time has come to envelop you all in the poisons prepared for you by the enemy. Get ready and arm yourselves with prayer. Pray like you have never done. Darkness spewing from the evil one is everywhere and it has reached every corner of the earth. You are being poisoned in body and soul, and spiritually blinded to block you from understanding all that is taking place throughout the world.

World leaders are preparing for World War III. Its doors will soon be opened.
The preparation for the world's financial fall is in place.
O My people, prepare yourselves for the great abomination.
There will be great suffering.
Those of My people who have done damage to My Mother's House will cry to heaven for mercy. Soon they will see their mistakes for allowing themselves to be led by the evil one. O how such deception and lies led to so many souls being lost through the great deceit!
My people, be wise and receive Truth and Wisdom which flows from My Mother's House. Woe to the one who has been so foolish!

A cancer will come on the wind and grow in My people. Its poison will kill many, many people.
The hate within the hearts of so many will grow: a craving for bloodshed and for the destruction of those of the Light will be great.

My dear daughter, be at peace. Your heart is deeply troubled. You lack understanding of what you endure. You experience in your spirit the dangers which are to happen to so many.
The weather changes will know no bounds, leading to My Hand ascending in the sky for all to see but there will be great darkness and suffering upon the earth before My Hand comes forth to separate the darkness from the light.

People, you are asleep and unaware that you are being poisoned. The air and food are full of poison. The water is reaching a level that is toxic. All is bringing about a great destruction and disease to the body of all of you throughout the world.

There is danger everywhere. Your hospitals are withdrawing their care from all of you, bringing about a great disease that will take the lives of many. Pray, pray, My people.

Those of you who are able to obtain one of My petals - blessed are they, for many will crave for its great protection through Me, your Lord God and that of My Mother's love and mercy and outpouring of grace.

Wake up, My people - too long you have been in your sleep of death!
I bless you this day brought about by the love and mercy of My Sacred Heart and that of My Mother's Heart. I bless you all and grant you great mercy on this special day. Many souls are set free from Purgatory today.

My daughter, you and My special brother Gerard, you receive My outpouring of grace, mercy and abundant blessings for the time ahead. You will be protected from the web of evil surrounding the world and holding so many in its grasp. Be at peace. You have served Me well. Remain in the light of My life for souls. Many will need your guidance that is flowing from you, My vessel.

I bless you all who are here this day so special to Me.
My Heart and the Heart of My Mother rejoice here today.
I bless you and impart My peace to you, Father, Son and Holy Spirit."

Message May 31st, 2014

During the Rosary at the House of Prayer.
As Christina led the Rosary she received from Jesus a very serious Message, which she related as follows: “Jesus says His Mother's House is despised and that this is a reflection of how He Himself is despised.
Jesus invites you to come here to His Mother’s House more often than you normally come, because the more often you come and help in whatever way you can, the more graces you will receive. This is because there is a situation shortly to come about in our world (Christina herself was given to feel this situation will be in place very soon).
Major countries in the world are even at this moment plotting and planning in a way that is posing danger to the whole world. You are being asked to come here more often than normal because you will need the graces which are to be obtained in this way on account of all that is coming. For example, in that way you will receive the grace of enlightenment which you will need in order to be able to deal with your situation as time progresses.

What will be brought about in the world will be a great injustice. You will feel paralysed on every side and completely oppressed. Everything will be made so difficult. The graces Jesus promises to flood you with will be all you will have, otherwise you will be drained and possibly drift into darkness and danger.
Some of you will find it very difficult to respond but when it comes about you will clearly understand. If you respond as Jesus desires He will grant these graces not only to you personally but to countless others through your response.”

(Christina said she was withholding details conveyed by Jesus regarding the countries and individuals He mentioned to her but she would convey those to her Spiritual Director – as she always did – for his discretion.)

Message from Jesus to Christina 21st April 2014 (Easter Monday)

"I want you to guide My people in the message I give you. Your part is only to relate what I tell you: do not be troubled by those who choose not to hear or respond to it. My justice will take care of those who are in rebellion to truth and who choose to live in the desire of the flesh and its fulfilment. Foolish are those who follow the path of darkness and folly.
My daughter, you must be taken care of and respected. There are those who chose to follow their own guidance rather than what I give you. You are the vessel that I have chosen to be filled with My guidance for My people – the people for whom I shed My Blood in order to set them free from death. With deep love I surrendered unto death. How few there are to thank Me! So many surrender to the path of darkness and reject Me and My Law. Woe to him who searches the world for sensation on many paths and leads many souls to perdition.
But soon there will be a war to spread throughout the world and My Law will be despised and My Church trampled upon.
Pray for My people… I thirst for their souls.
Pray for the leaders of My Church and all who lead My flock and all leaders who make decisions in the world. So many are blind in their decisions and like Simon, “the reed”, they blow with the wind of popularity, not aware of its consequences.
When the sky will darken and will not resume its day, fear will fill many hearts. The earth will shake and great balls of fire will fall from the sky. Then I will reveal Myself and call upon the faithless one who went along with darkness, in the evil one. The Angel of My justice will strike and there will be cries and great sorrow that so many had a heart open to the flesh and to the world, allowing Lucifer to plunder the souls of many.
My daughter, many will desire to find fault with this message, but not for long… How so many souls I desired to draw into My Life were not permitted to see and recognise My Hand in My Mother’s House! How all this darkness in suppression and rejection of My Word has caused it to fall on deaf ears and has permitted the loss of many souls for whom I, Jesus, have yearned. And all this flamed by ill will and pride, led by a stubborn heart unopen to Me.
My daughter, you will experience the lack of trust and love and you will experience loneliness. Your heart has been breaking in this way already but it will get more painful. Offer it to Me and pray for those who bring it about.
Tell My people that they will be rewarded for all they do. My vessel, I know they do not understand how important your little life is to Me for their sake. Tell My son Gerard, this Mission is the greatest work he will ever do for Me.
My people, I tell you it is so important for as many of you as possible to have the picture of My Mother known as “the picture with the roses” because of its protection. Anyone of you able to obtain a picture for others will be doing a great good and I ask My children throughout the world to do as My children have done in the Americas – to get that special picture and bring it around as many areas as possible that are highly populated, continuing to pray the Rosary while doing so. My daughter, forgive and pray for your enemy. Do it for Me and show your love for Me by doing so.
I bless you in My Name forever; In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

NOTE: Christina and her spiritual director stress the following : Please do not force this message or its contents on any person. That includes not imposing the picture of Our Lady with the Roses on anyone without it being requested. It should not be publicly carried around walking and praying publicly. Our Lord referred to what His children had done in the Americas: they drove around the district with the picture in the car praying the Rosary respectfully and privately among themselves in their car unknown to anyone else.

January 21st, 2013
Jesus spoke to Christina:

"My dear little one, I have drawn much from you. My Sacred Heart hurts to see that you are rejected, and treated in the most horrible way, as if you were a low life. My people, I say to you, hear Me your Lord God and respond before it is too late. Pray, Pray! Soon, all of you will see for yourselves the reality of My calling, and the value of My vessel.
My vessel, in your world, several evil plans are being put in place to bring about the suppression of many people. Money will be worthless. You will endure deep hurt, as your money will be drawn away from you, but all for the wrong reasons and you will not be able to refuse.
There will be trials and more trials, and those of you, My people who withstood the picture of My Mother in your homes, truly leave yourselves open to an even greater suffering. Surrender now, for I will not plead in My Mercy with you again.
There has been much taken in many ways from this mission, through the inspiration of the evil one. That is why there is more suffering than I desire, because they have opened the doors to darkness not only of their hearts, but of all I have asked for your protection. My dear vessel, how you have suffered, even to such a degree as to grieve My own Heart. I will show My people all of the ways they have rejected My word when they come before Me. I will withdraw from such persons who dare mock Me and My Word. Mercy will be withdrawn.
I love all My people. I gave My life for each one. For those who are cold and lack knowledge of Me and My word, I will have greater mercy than for those who are lukewarm and full of doubt, failing to hear Me and fulfil My request for the souls for whom I thirst for eternity. It is denied them. How can I lavish on such people My mercy and protection, when they only mock Me, their Lord, who gave Life for all?
I have told you of the many events coming to the world which are beyond man’s ability to solve. All is like a boiling volcano, ready to burst. Can you not recognise the signs of your times? I have made known to you what is at hand. But My word is like the seeds that fell among the rocks, they are unable to grow. You are rich soil if you choose, and you can bear good fruit. But in your rejection, you bear no fruit to fulfil My word and respond. You will hurt, but your hurt is My permitting you to be moulded.
The glaciers, the disasters and the diseases I have told you about, are upon you. Be bearers, to say without fear, the Lord is near! Be at peace, my peace I give you, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.”

Major physical healings supported by medical and scientific documentation

Testimony: Major Physical Healing of Brandi DeJesus
Testimony: Major Physical Healing and Conversion of John Garbutt

Testimony: Major Physical Healing of Kathleen O'Sullivan
Testimony: Major Physical Healing of Jed Michael

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"Every time I visit the House of Prayer Achill I find myself being filled with a new love for Jesus and Mary"
by Emma Sheridan Co Carlow, Ireland

Emma at the House of Prayer Achill 2013 ©Copyright

"I am 27 years only and first visited the House of Prayer Achill in 2003. There on the Saturday night vigil I felt a deep peace flow through me... in it held a healing, security and fulfilment my heart had so desperately yearned for over many years of hurt... I received the grace to be happy without having to get drunk, take drugs or lead a promiscuous lifestyle.”

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In October 2012 a recording was made at Our Lady Queen of Peace House of Prayer in the US, at the conclusion of Holy Mass. When viewed it was found to have a remarkable light coming from the host, pulsating and lighting up the casing of the monstrance.

The Very Rev Dr Gerard McGinnity is pictured in the video leading the congregation at Our Lady Queen of Peace House of Prayer in the US

Fr Gerard McGinnity Biography, gerard mcginnity, fr mcginnity
Biography of Fr Gerard McGinnity
Written and published by Our Lady's Pilgrims

• Message from Jesus for 16 & 25 July 2013
Jesus spoke to Christina 26 Jan 2013
• Message from Jesus to Christina 5 Jan 2013
Messages received in the US Oct 2012

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